Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Port Dalhouise and Happy Rolph's

When I grew up once or two a year we would get together with Ange's family because our mom's were good friends. As we went to Grade 8 and High School a friendship blossomed. While we had our different friends through the years our friendship continued and when we got married we were bridesmaids in each others weddings. Through various stages of our married life our friendship continued, and since our hubby's were also friends that helped to maintain the friendship. As our kids grew up they developed friendships also.

Our girls are good friends with Brent and Mitchell (not that the boys would admit that to any of their friends :)and as per a previous post Matthew and Vivian are going to get married :) Poor Slater is always left out :( that is where James fits into the equation). We often wonder how long these friendships will last given the opposite sexes but find as long as there are no other kids to create peer pressure they get along very well and have a lot of fun together. When we moved last year that brought us only minutes away from Dave and Ange ... and that meant we often babysat for each other, which developed into tea time and playtime for the kids. The kids absolutely loved it and would always be begging to spend more time together or have sleepovers, etc. We kept promising more time during the summer, but not during school time.

Then summer came ... and we only got together once (far as I can remember) over the summer. The kids were not too impressed about this but our schedules were always conflicting and it just never worked out. Finally at the end of the summer, just days before we left for our holidays, we managed to get away for a day together.

Last year we went to Port Dalhouise for a day and so we decided to do the same this time. The weather was not the greatest/warmest in the morning, but we decided to go regardless and instead of swimming we would go to Happy Rolph's (a park and petting zoo, along with a nice trail for a peaceful walk), in the afternoon. In the end it turned out quite nice and they could have swam, but they also wanted to go to Happy Rolph's, so a walk along the beach was the extent of their water fun and then we headed off for our next stop.

The nice thing about Port Dalhouise is the variety. The kids love the 5 cent carousel and the fact that they can go so often since it's so cheap. There is a nice play park for the younger kids, right by the carousel which works out nice since Matthew does not like the carousel. We enjoy the walk along the pier and then there is the beach which in itself can keep kids entertained for hours on end.

Waiting in line for the carousel ride. Matthew keeping his distance.

The girls waving their hats at Matthew

Matthew waving back

An (unsuccessful) attempt at getting at nice picture of the kids

Lake Ontario from the beginning of the pier

The kids wanted me to take some pictures similar to last year (see here).

"Sit back Vivian, you're going to fall"

"Look Matthew a duckie"

Lunch Time ... only seconds later Matthew's chair collapses , it was rather funny, although he didn't think so

At Happy Rolph's there is a petting zoo ... now why do they call it a petting zoo when the animals are all caged up so you can't get near them or pet them?? After a quick look at the horse, pigs, goats, rabbits, we moved on to the trail and the kids had lots of fun feeding the ducks and geese and trying to make sure the ducks got some food and the bossy geese didn't get it all.

Both Matthew and Vivian had not had a nap and were somewhat ornery. Since we were going for a bit of a walk we figured strollers might be a good idea and maybe, just maybe, they'd fall asleep. Hahaha ... they spent the entire "walk" pushing the strollers and racing up and down and all around ... no way they wanted to go IN the stroller.

Lake Ontario again

Another attempt at a picture of the kids ... wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been for the lighting

The "gang"

We had a good time together and took some tired kids home for a good nights rest. We had hardly left the parking lot and Matthew was sound asleep.

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