Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Get-Together 2011

On the August long weekend we usually get together with Rob’s family.  We take turns hosting the event and this year it was the Niagara areas turn to host.  After some debate we decided to go with Binbrook Conservation area again, it’s a bit closer for those coming for further and a bit cheaper then some of the other options.  With large families the places that have a cap on the price per vehicle are always nicely appreciated.

This year we decided to add a bit of  entertainment to the day by having some games to get everyone involved.  We started off with musical chairs.  Since we did not have any portable music player (Rob claimed his computer was not loud enough), we assigned Rob to play recorder.  Given that I have never seen him play a recorder before I must say he did pretty decent for pulling up some songs from his junior years.  We set him in the middle of the circle and away they went.


After a bit we got tired of the same song over and over from Rob, so we set Marietta to playing once she was out.  She had brought her music book along, so she had more variety, but not having played for some time made her a bit hesitant and her breathing wasn’t really smooth.  So whenever she slowed or went to take a good breath everyone thought she had stopped playing and there would be a scramble for chairs.  After a bit we decided to set Rob back to the job.

  P1060377 P1060381 

Three legged race.

P1060390 P1060391

Potato sack races

Mark, Set, Go


P1060394  P1060402   

Unfortunately anything involving Aaron means a deviation from the actual game/rules.  But I would have to say that this time it was Ted who cause the problem … here you can see Ted losing his sack and about to go down.


Not wanting Aaron to beat him Ted decided to take Aaron out as he went past.


We decided to allow Aaron into the finals since he was the true winner …


Except we ran into problems again … this time he was pounced on by a group of girls … apparently his family really does not like the idea of him winning.


Balloon Waddle … you had to walk, not jump



Sponge Race


Do you see who began to instigate problems with this game?  The game was abruptly finished with buckets being pick up and water being thrown around.  I guess they still got the concept of the game … everyone got wet!


The king of water guns brought his guns along so everyone could have fun with them.


Matthew and Evan having fun together.

P1060428 P1060429

Another year done … we’ll see what next years get-together brings.

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Carmen said...

Fun!! Now our side will have to get some pretty good ideas together for next year. :)