Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bowling Fun

Waaaayyyyy back in February we had a long weekend when it was Family Day. Our kids had an extended long weekend as they also had the Friday before off and the Tuesday after Family Day. Ange and I had picked up bowling vouchers off WagJag and so we took the kids out for an afternoon of bowling on Friday. It's the most fun to watch the little kids bowl. Putting all that effort into throwing the ball and then standing there and watching it "trickle" down the alley, hardly going fast enough to be able to knock down the pins.

Matthew would clap up a storm after each throw ... whether it was heading for a "strike" or a gutter ball ... really you're quite talented to get a gutter ball when you have bumper pads :)

Vivian's turn

Well the girls have surpassed the age of "bum pictures" that come from throwing it from between their legs. Maybe we should have them start playing without bumpers so the get the real challenge of the game.

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