Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Twisted Messy Bun

Hopefully I can find the links back to give credit where credit is due ... I can't always remember where I found the hair style idea. We just take pictures of each one so we can look through our own selection and I don't have to go searching through the internet again.

I found the link back for this one. I got it off of this video .


L.V. said...

Love this one...have to try to convince Esther that it's ok for me to still do her hair once and a while!
Laura :)

HH said...

Love, love, love! WOW!

Michelle Vanderven said... Steph here is a website you might REALLY like!

Steph said...


That is one the the sites we get our ideas from. Another one I love is

Both of these sites have a whole list of other hair sites which we haven't even had time to go through, but every now and then we wander off that way :)