Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Time

Each year on the Civic Holiday long weekend ... yes that's way back on the first weekend in August, over four months ago ... we get together with Rob's family. This past August we met together at Fanshawe Park.

A walk along the trails

There was much disappointment over the fact that the beach was closed and there was no place to go swimming ... BUT .... everyone had come with their bathing suits ... and there was water to be found at a very nearby tap. What's a summer picnic without some sort of water fun??

And so the girls went to down their bathing suits.

Whatever buckets and bottles could be found were used as weapons

I'm not quite sure how Rob ended up with the watergun, as I'm very sure it was the girls who had it first ... but the rule was that if one had water they could not be under the sheltered picnic area ....

and so he had to leave his safe-haven and fend for himself against the many neices and nephews

needless to say, being slightly outnumbered guaranteed he ended up rather wet ... and brown ... after he wiped out in the mudhole under the watertap

Since the watergun is actually Matthew's it was only fair to allow Matthew to have a chance at it. A little bit of training ...

and away he went ... but he found the gfun to heavy to carry, let alone figure out how to manuever it so he could actually squirt someone

he much rather have someone squirt or dump water on him and then he would do a crazy little dance after he had been hit

a bit of warmup time and off he was for another round of fun

Matthew had some fun with Heather practicing his baseball swing. By the end of the summer he was getting pretty good at throwing the ball up himself and hitting it.

Neat to see the girls from the same age group hanging out, eating together, chatting and laughing and giggling.

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