Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind Again

I just can't seem to get into this blogging thing very consistently anymore ... not that I was ever really good at consistency, but I was at least a bit better before.

In the last months I just haven't really picked up my camera as much, which is rather surprising since I have a new one and really should be playing and fiddling with it to figure it out, especially since I'm not always so happy with the quality of pictures that I get off it. And I just don't seem to plunk behind my computer just to babble off on the blog for a bit. It's even gotten so "bad" that I don't even have little blogs running through my head during the day anymore (admit it all you bloggers, you have the same thing, when you see something you want to blog it runs through your head until you get around to publishing a post :)

Blogging more fun when you're up to date and can just post when something happens or on a whim ... I keep saying that once I'm caught up I'll do that more ... but somehow time slips away and I run behind again. And really, all those things mostly aren't worth talking (as is with most blog things) but if I ever get around to publishing the year into book form I'm going to want to make sure I didn't miss anything ... like any birthdays or something, as the kids will be rather upset and/or offended.

So I must travel back in time for a bit to get myself back up to speed. I did post a few in the last month or so ... so these will fill in the rest of the blanks.

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