Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful Balmy Good Friday

Good Friday was the first weekend of April this year ... but you would never have guest it was relatively early in spring by the weather.

It was a gorgeous day and we were all out in our shorts and tees and still warm. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous whether and go for a walk with friends down the railtrail. Knowing the kids would get bored (and annoying) walking we took the bikes along and the older kids could bike while the adults could walk and socialize, pushing the strollers with the little ones in it.

Having bikes meant the kids could go much faster then us ... getting much further then us rather quickly. We forgot to specify that when they go to the next road they could come back and meet us. We didn't really know how far the next road was, but the kids knew they were not allowed to cross the roadways. Well we walked and walked, but didn't come to a road ... or the kids, and we walked and walked ... and finally found the kids. It was a nice walk and didn't seem that far until we read the road sign and realized how far we had gone. We couldn't believe we had walked that far. Our walk one way was 3.2 km.

Thankfully we took a snack along because by this time it was getting closer to supper time and we were getting hungry. We filled up on water and snack and headed back at a faster pace. We were rather hot and hungry by time we got back (not always a good combination) and headed home for a bbq and lazy evening together.

Water and snack break

Matthew rotated between riding the stroller and walking ... lugging his big cast along with him (totally not hindered by the fact)

Time to head back ... Matthew wanted to walk but we wanted to go faster. We encouraged him to run.
"Run, run, run ... Daddy's going to catch you" "Gotcha"

Time to enjoy the scenery from up high

The guys were getting a bit hot and decided to put the air conditioning on full blast. Ange and I commented on how cute Matthew and Vivian looked riding beside each other and talking back and forth. We decided to take a picture .... fun how self-conscious those guys became when the cameras came out.

Quick put the shirts back on

Okay, all presentable and ready for a nice picture.

There's the van ... we made it back. We looked at the map after as we couldn't believe how far we had walked ... it didn't seem that far while we were walking and chatting. It was 3.2 km one way. A good brisk 6.4kms for that day!

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