Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun in the Mud

This is one of those times when I wonder why I thought it so appealing to live in the country again. We didn't have mud in the city ... not unless we dug up the garden and poured lots of water on it ... and even then it wasn't the same kind of mud.

Thankfully we're past the worse of the mud season. It's rainy and cool again lately, but not (so far) not as wet and muddy as it is in the spring.

But while I hate cleaning up the mud and the mess it makes of their coats, clothes and most of all my house ... I do love to watch them playing and see how much fun kids can have with a bit of water.

First he discovers the watering can

Trying it out

"Hmmm ... kinda hard to scoop up much water with this thing

"Forget the water can ... there's more mud over here

Oh what fun!

And he's not the only one who likes the water and mud ... his sisters could be found out there too, especially Rebecca, although both of them had lots of fun making mud pies.

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