Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rebecca's 8th Birthday

So we'll start off with our "baby girls" birthday back on March 6th. We like to call her our baby girl just for fun seeing as she's really our biggest kid, being just a tad bit taller then Marietta and a stockier build then her. Rebecca had been counting down the days to this birthday, just like most kids do, but especially because she could finally stop using her car seat. It did seem rather ridiculous that Marietta did not need a carseat but Rebecca, who is the same size/bigger still had to use one. I'd quite gladly had let her go without, but that doesn't teach the kids much on respecting the laws :)

Our kids usually have a list that they can pick from regarding what they would like to do on their birthday. This year Rebecca had a hard time deciding between a birthday party (something she hasn't done yet) or a sleepover (also something she hasn't done for her birthday yet). In the end I decided they were getting old enough and responsible enough that combining two options, a small sleepover and a "party" (small but at least resulting in less fights) with those kids, would still be a fair choice (kinda had to seeing as we let Marietta do similar for her birthday last summer when we were living at my parents and she couldn't decide whether she wanted her party with her school friends or the local friends).

Rebecca was quite happy with this arrangement as there were really only two people she wanted over anyways. So they came over on Friday and did their own thing for the evening. Rob and I had to go to Dine 'n Dash for the evening so we ended up leaving the kids with a babysitter for the evening ... but we designated that time for movie time and then off to bed. The kids were determined to stay up until midnight so they could sing Happy Birthday to Rebecca. At 11:30 when we got home they were still energetic, at 11:45 it was getting a bit quieter, at 11:59 I was upstairs and they could hardly stay awake. At 12am they were too tired to sing and I had to do it for them ... 12:01 am they were sound asleep! :)

Birthday day was busy and fun ... Rebecca survived the day even on the lack of sleep.

Pancakes for breakfast and she opened a present from Dad and Mom - her own set of the Little House on the Prairie series.

Playing with her gift from Marietta - the game Tumble. Marbles sit in the top part of the "container" and you slowly pull sticks out hoping you won't make any marbles fall. Whoever ends up with the most marbles loses.

Rebecca still has a love for colouring eggs (see her 5th birthday). The other kids had never done this before so it was quite the hit.

Birthday balloons (I love it when they pick easy cake ideas :)

Adding decorations to the cupcakes before they ate them. I think Matthew enjoyed his :)

Balloon Toss came. The kids had to blow up their balloon and then let it go and see if they could get it on the 10 points circle (in the sunlight), 5 pts was given to whoever got the closest. I thought there wouldn't be a chance that they would actually get it on the circle and that I should have made a bigger target ... but one of them actually got it right on the target the one time.
Matthew also wanted to give this game a try.

And what's a party without musical chairs.

Last, but not least ... hot potato (we toss a present that has been wrapped multiple times, instead of being out when the music stops you get to unwrap one layer of the present, this continues on until someone unwraps the last layer and then gets to keep the present).

After I brought the kids home Rebecca was exhausted and couldn't stay awake in the van. When we got home she crawled into bed to sleep ... but I guess further excitement kept her from sleeping as she came down a while later upset because she couldn't get to sleep.

In the afternoon some of my family came down for a bit. As you can see the game Tumble was a big hit!

More presents, some of which were: a bath towel that's big enough to fully wrap her up (she had slightly outgrown her old one). A thermos so that her and Marietta no longer need to take turns taking warm lunches to school.

Another game - Operation and a scrapbooking kit.

She was also very excited to receive the first Season of the Road to Avonlea series.
After supper with Grandpa and Grandma it was straight off to bed for two very exhausted girls. Another birthday gone by ... only 365 days until the next one :)

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