Thursday, December 20, 2007

Surprise Santa

Last night around 9pm there was a knock on our door. I arrived at the door to find a man wearing a Santa hat and telling me he had presents for our girls. I feel a bit sheepish when I say that I'm not really 100% where the man came from, where the presents came for, or how it's all connected. I asked him twice and when I still didn't totally catch it all I decided I'd just let it be and probably find something in the bags telling me more. The man said they had presents for the girls from the Christmas Wish Program, but I'm also quite sure he told me he was from a radio station, but I didn't recognize that name. I didn't find anything in the bags and the internet supplied me with an overabudance of sites when it came to Christmas Wish Programs. I did end up findinga radio station in Toronto that does a Christmas Wish Program but I can't be sure that this is where it came from, so now I 'm just have left guessing. It would appear that people call in to tell of a situation where they feel such gifts would be warrants. The man said he gets all the calls and then screens them to determine in the end where the gifts go. Gifts are collected at various locations in malls, stores, etc. The person who called in on our behalf would like to remain anonymous, so we have no idea where this stemmed from ... but the girls (and we) say thank-you to whoever it was.

Since we already had Santa a couple weeks ago and will be busy over the next few days we decided to just give the gifts to the girls right away. So this morning the girls each woke up to find a big huge stuffed "teddy" (a polar bear for Rebecca and a snowman for Marietta) in their bed. Actually Rebecca tells us she rolled over in the middle of the night and it scared her. She must have fallen back to asleep rather quickly for we heard nothing about it at the time. After exclaiming over the teddy's they found in their beds they stumbled into the dining room to find even more things.

The received a lot of things, here are a few of them:

scarfts, mitts, and ear warmers.


charm braclets


Princess Lucianna of Barbie the Island Princess, along with matching dresses for the girls to wear


Horses and cart for their Princess Lucianna Barbies


Needless to say the girls were busy playing with their new things after school

Added at a later date: We found out some time later that the gifts came through the Christmas Tree of Hope Charity which is done by the local radio stations CHML AM 900 and Y108


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cool! what a neat surprise for the girls! fun fun!
Tracey Stam

Katie Schouten said...

wow they must of had so much fun... what a cool suprise to wake up in the morning and get presents you didnt no you were going to get!!

Anonymous said...

That's so nice! The girls must be having so much fun...after all, which little girl doesn't love Barbie?! It's so good to see those smiles and know that they're still happy little girls despite all they've been through. God is good!
the Noots