Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bloggin' Again

After spending a year blogging about James' Story I found that I rather enjoyed blogging. I was never a blog fan before, and still have some reserves about blogs, but I thought I might miss sitting behind my computer and babbling away ... or reading my babble months later to bring back memories. While there are many things that I miss right now which I can't do anything about this is one thing that I can still do. I'm afraid that blogging won't be the same though, and to be honest, I really have no idea what I will blog about, as I'm hoping our lives will become really boring from now on :) But I figure I can always stop if I don't enjoy it anymore.

I'm figuring no introductions are necessary, since whoever reads this will have read or heard James' Story ... and if you haven't you can click on the link to read the very long version of James' time in our lives. We miss our dear boy dearly, but Life Goes On, and so we must also. Although James is no longer in our lives, I don't doubt that he will continue to resurface in our blog for some time, for it seems everywhere we turn there are reminders of our happy, cheerful, every-loving, little guy.

Now, this blog obviously has a different purpose then our previous blog ... I'm not quite sure what that purpose is yet :) I'm thinking it's more a journal, for myself and my children, to look back on one day and remember all those little things we forget so quickly. I've always been a journal writer, which I'm so thankful for, as I look back through the kids journals and especially James' journal ... but my journal writing skills got put on the backburner the past couple years ... and so I suppose this will be the new way to keep up.

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