Monday, December 10, 2007


Today Rob and I went off together for an airride. Nope, not the kind where you zoom through the sky at an amazingly fast speed ... this was the kind where you bump up and down in a transport truck, thankful for your airride seats.

Last week Rob was requested to do a run since they did not have enough drivers for today. He was quite giddy to get a chance to exercise his foot on the pedal again, until he realized he wouldn't be driving his "own" truck. His giddiness returned upon realizing the truck he would be driving has two seats (the others all only have one) and this meant he could take a passenger. And who is the lucky individual he picked ... me!! :)

Well given I have no excuses anymore ... I'm not nursing and I'm not tied down to James, what could I say but "yes". So this morning we dropped off Matthew, sent the kids off to school and off we went. And true trucking style, we didn't make our scheduled time of arriving home again before school let out, but oh well, the girls didn't mind going away for a bit after school.

This trip gave me a bit of an eye into what Rob does when working. It would have actually been nicer to go with for a float job to see how the float works, but that's okay a wheeled unit was a good start anyways. Rob works for a company that mostly hauls modular office trailers, which are all wide loads ... which is what makes the job so exciting :) Rob's job for today was to pick up a Tim Horton's unit and return it to the Timmy's yard. These units are portable Tim Horton's stores, which are used to keep business going while they are renovating the actual store.

Clearing snow off the roof

Driver Rob

Dropping off at the yard.

Hooked up and ready to go - take note of how low the unit sits to the ground.

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