Wednesday, December 19, 2007

James' Story

On Saturday as most of you know I wrote the final blog entry for James' Story. I spent the morning loading the pictures in and getting very frustrated because Blogger is so annoying when it comes to pictures, and on top of that it was so sllllllooooooowwwwwwww!!! Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper, and finally just gave up, hit Publish and walked away. So hence the reason it ended rather upbruptly. If my basic DSL was having trouble loading the site I can only imagine how it was for dial-up users and this also frustrated me. Never mind the fact that the whole thing just didn't come together as I had thought or imagined. So needless to say I wasn't all that happy with the situation.

Well ... yesterday I had to send some pictures via e-mail and came to realize that the program I was using to downsize my pictures was not working properly ... and so my pictures were not being downsized. A big huge lightbulb went on in my small head!! This explained my troubles on Saturday ... and sure enough, I had thought all my pictures were downsized, when indeed they were still huge files. So back I went to my dear blog and reloaded all the pictures in a smaller size. I won't comment on the fact that this time blogger decided that anywhere I put an extra enter (to leave a blank line) it decided to take them out ... and so we have lovely periods throughout the entire blog ... can never win with this program. My basic DSL is no longer having trouble loading the blog and I hope that dial-up users will now have a bit better luck as well ... it's still a lot of pictures, but hopefully it will work now.

I figure the majority of the readers of James' Story are now reading this and so I'd just post a note, especially for those of dial-up to apologize and hopefully you can all read it a bit easier now. Not that you have to read it again if you were already able to .... not much has changed, I just add a few more pics and now it doesn't end quite so abruptly.

This last blog entry took a while to write and it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. Joyce, James' home nurse, presented us with a gift on Saturday that she had put together. It was a little booklet she had written titled "How I will Remember James". We laugh and cried when we read it for it helped us to remember so many of those details from when he was still home, that we seem to have already forgotten. From each of those details came more memories, it was just great. I spoke to Joyce after and she told me that it just hadn't come together as she had expected ... the very same feeling I had about the blog. I guess you just can't put memories into words, for there's so much to remember and so little words to explain it all. We did not even have three full years with James, but yet there are so many memories and so many little things about him ... I'm afraid we will lose a lot of these memories as times goes on ... already it seems like the little details are beginning to fade. But no matter how many small details fade we will already remember the big picture and only a short time of watching home videos brings back so many things.

So that's my babble for today ... and now I must get some work done.


Kevin & Amy said...

Wow, I didn't know that Joyce was James' home nurse! But now that I go back to that post I can see her in the picture doing James' treatment with him. She is great! And she obviously loved James a lot - what a nice, meaningful gift she gave you.

Today was the forth time I've read that post on James' story and I cry every time! He was such a beautiful boy. Thanks so much for sharing him and his life with all of us. We appreciate all the time and effort you put in on that blog, even if blogger doesn't want to co-operate sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you often!
Rich and Tracey

Anonymous said...

This song made me think of you.

Continuing in our prayers for you,
the Noots

Thelma said...

I remember when my mom died I was so worried that I would forget her, that details about her that were so important to me would slip away, and I would 'lose' her again. And then just this morning on my drive in to work I was thinking how surprising it is that even now, almost 13 years later, not a day goes past without her 'slipping in'... a memory of a cup of tea here, her laugh, a song she used to love.
I realize how different our situations are, and I hestitate to sound trite, but you won't forget.
Continuing to lift you and yours up in prayer...

Chandra said...

I've had the same irritating problem with Blogger taking out spaces, and someone told me how to fix it, so I'll share that insight with you... :o)

Go to "edit HTML", and wherever you want a paragraph break, type <.br.> but without the periods (I had to put them here, otherwise the program would just insert a paragraph break there instead).