Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy with Life

The other day someone told me they were glad that I started another blog because they missed the daily updates. Well as you can see, they aren't so daily anymore, weekly will be more like it.

It appears Rob has become the stay-at-home dad while I'm the galavanting mother :) The past couple weeks have been busy with visiting, shopping (for Santa which is done now), errands, doctor and dentist visits etc. All those things that got put on the backburner the last months. After getting the worst of the items cleaned up around the house it seems the rest will just have to wait until next year while I keep busy just socializing and getting back into things again, as well as the basic things to run a house of course :)

This week I was excited to be able to attended Book Club and Women Society again for the first time in a long time. I sure missed going and it's so uplifting to sit together again and discuss what is so important to our everyday lives - God's Word.

Yesterday I took James' medical equipment and supplies to the hopsital so they can disburse it to those who need it. I had wanted the equipment to help someone out in some way, but seeing as most people have covered I didn't know where would be the best place to donate it. I even checked out e-bay to see if I could sell it to people in the States, figuring they don't have insurance and coverages as we do. Well, that was a wake-up when it reinforce what I already knew ... our medical system is a rip-off. We are overcharged by AT LEAST 100%. We have had all our equipment covered by the ADP plan and ASCD and what I learned yesterday was that there is actually a limit on the money you get from the ADP plan. Thankfully we never ran out, but it would appear we were getting close ... and no wonder. I looked at the cost of a brand new Kangaroo Feeding Pump, identical to the one James has. We (or the plan) paid $1050 for it, on e-bay it sells for $595. Each feeding bag we use would cost $9.31, on e-bay they can be purchased for $1 a bag. I looked at the cost of his Mic-Key button where "we" paid $186 and the most expensive one on e-bay was $40. And the list goes on. So needless to say it wouldn't be worth my efforts to sell my equipment at what I thought was a low price in order to help someone else out. That being said, I contact the various people we dealt at the hospital and decided to donate the equipment and supplies to them. The equipment will either be put in a loaner program, the same as we had for our SATs monitor, or given to a family with no funding and needing assistance. As I know the individuals that I gave the items to I am confident that it will indeed be put to good use and help various individuals in some way.

While I was at the hospital I went to visit Kevin and Amy and little Micah. I'm so glad that Micah is doing so well after his surgery. Micah was a little scared of me and rather I stayed far away for fear I might be a nurse coming to poke and prod at him. The fear in his eyes reminded me so much of James.

So besides a dentist visits, some grocery shopping and a few cups of teas (oh and hot chocolate once :) with visitors that's about the sum of what I've been up to. And Rob ... he's busy filling in for me and trying to study inbetween. We may not be together all the time, but it's sure nice to feel like a real family again.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're still blogging, Steph - I've started one too, and realize that I have quite the mundane life because there's not much to update! But... I like it for the same reason as you - just to chronicle events going on.... we'll be thinking of you tomorrow....

Deb Alkema and family

Anonymous said...

We, too, are glad that you have continued blogging, Steph!

We realize that today will be a difficult one for you and we pray that the Lord will continue to surround you with His Loving Arms.

Arend and Willa Dale

Michelle said...

I too am glad that you continued blogging.. I really enjoy seeing what is new with you and your family!!! Also where was that timmies truck!! I used to work at timmies and was in one of those things!! They are alot of fun!

Stephanie said...


The Tim Horton's trailer we picked up was in Midland and we delivered it to the Tim Hortons yard in Oakville.