Monday, January 21, 2013

Kingston Day 4–Penitentiary Museum and Outdoor Aquatic Centre

Our fourth day, Friday we headed off to the Kingston Penitentiary Museum during the morning.  We had to slow the kids down and read some of the stuff to them to explain what we were looking at from time to time.  They tend to just glance over things and not take it in.  So with a bit of reading and such they actually understood some of what they were looking at and hopefully learned a few things.  I know Rob and I did.  Amazing the different methods and things people have used to try to escape.

Here are a few examples of torture methods they used to use.   The first is a box that people were left standing in for long periods of time.  Marietta is not full grown so she still has space around her, but a full grown person would have very little space to move, making one rather uncomfortable. In the second picture Matthew is trying out this torture method altho he is faaaarrrr to small.  A persons head goes into the barrel by Rob’s hand, their hands and feet are locked up in the holes and then water is poured on them from the barrel up top.  This was a method used to get people to “talk”.

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Friday afternoons entrance to the Outdoor Aquatic Centre is free for a few hours and so we headed over there for a little bit.  I managed to take one picture before I was told that camera were not allowed on the facility …  I won’t go into my thoughts on that, all I have to say is if you have an issue with someone taking a picture of you then don’t dress like that … we live in a world of photography, be prepared and presentable at all time.

So … it was a simple water park for a reasonable rate (especially when it’s free swim time) with one waterslide, different pools with different depths, splash pads, and a lazy river (altho lazy rivers are usually slow, this was more like a whirlpool river)


This picture is taken outside of the pool area from the park area.  The flower sprinklers are outside of the pool area for park use.  Matthew got cold at the pool and wanted to go play at the park, so I took him over to the park, altho he did end up spending time in the sprinklers as well.


Since cameras are not allowed in the pool area I took this from outside the pool area … I was trying to catch the kids on the “lazy river” but it moved too fast and I missed them.


I remember hating it when the girls were younger and we would go to the park or something and someone elses kids would try to befriend my kids and play with them.   I’m not sure if I instilled that into my kids or if they were just of the same thought as they didn’t like it when other kids “bothered them” as they called it.   They had each other and I didn’t find it necessary to converse with every stranger out there, that wasn’t why I went to the park.  Now I have a kid who happily talk and play with whoever he sees and makes friends whereever he goes.  While I do try to keep him in check and not get into other kids faces, he tends to pick up on which kids are receptive (or looking for) to someone playing with them.  Guess it’s a bit different when they don’t have a “built-in” playmate

Matthew playing with a girl he met at the park.


Matthew was quite tickled about climbing this apparatus … until someone started turning it.  It was all good when it stayed still but he does not like moving things … boy he scrambled back down to the ground quickly and after that stayed away from there.


The girls had some fun on these swings after their swim.


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