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Kingston Day 2 – Fort Henry

Our second day in Kingston was spent a Fort Henry.  We went to Fort Henry last summer (see here) so this was a bit of a repeat but the girls liked it enough last year that they were excited to go again this year.  A year made quite a difference for Matthew as well as he was more interested in taking in what was going on around him and not scared of the guns and cannons or to try things or partake in what was going on. 

This year marked the 200th Anniversary of the war of 1812.   Since we were there last year they had opened a new Interactive Museum which the kids enjoyed.   We were disappointed that the activites/daily program was not near as good as what we had enjoyed last year.  Must have been some cutbacks in the last year to offset the cost of the museum or something.  Several of the tours we partook in last year were not offered this year. But we made the most of what was offered.

P1130106 2

Unfortunately things went a little “sour” for me at lunch time.  With my nose buried in the program while I was walking (yup, my own fault) I didn’t see the curb and stepped off it landing wrong on my foot, sending myself crumbling to the ground.  In the end things turned out better then I first thought, for as I fell I was sure I had broken my ankle from the pain that went shooting up my leg and my inability to put any pressure on it at first.

I was kindly helped to a bench nearby where they called in first aid and supplied me with ice and a wrap and convinced me to use a wheelchair.  For which I was very thankful for after as I’m sure that was a major help in the initial healing process.  Having previously sprained my ankle as the end of the day I was originally of the thought that this was a more mild sprain (altho the initial pain had been much worse then the other sprains).  My ankle did not swell very much as in my previous sprains, it just developed a black and blue area and some mild swelling around the ankle bone.  I was able to walk on the ankle relatively well, going down stairs not so well, up was okay if I let the other foot do the work.  The pain was not too severe but if I was on it for a bit I was quite glad to put it up after and did as much as possible during our holidays … good thing for holidays :) DSC00702 2_1

It was not until we arrived home and I attempted to return to my regular routine that did not involve propping my feet up and watching tv or kids in the pool and such, that I realized that I done a pretty severe job of it.  The ankle slowly got worse and swelled more until I had to face it that I really need to be nicer to it if I wanted it to start healing.  From there it took weeks before the pain subsided and I found myself being able to go for longer periods without the brace.  I thought I was doing relatively well until one day I decided to try on someones really really high spikey heeled shoes.  I don’t even think I got my foot all the way in the shoe and my foot protested with some strong pain which set me back for some time again.  I also had to give up driving the car for about 5-6 weeks (much to Rebecca’s glee … she has a keen dislike for the car because it’s too crowded for her liking) as it was my shifting foot that I had sprained and driving manual was not in agreement with my foot.  From time to time I thought I’d try the car out again, but my ankle quickly protested this.  After two month I was beginning to wonder if I should actually have it looked at as I was still having a fair amount of pain, but I first asked my chiro who suggested a few different exercised to do in stages … these were a big help and within the next month the foot was doing much better.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I clued in that the constant pain and discomfort was gone and while it still “whines and complains” from time to time it’s usually because of something I was doing on my feet that was a bit hard on it or because I was wearing shoes/boots that don’t agree with my ankle.  All I hope is that this is not going to end up in a string of repetitive sprains due to a weak ankle again … which I struggled with during my high school years.

So for the rest of the day I was pushed around and had my own personal seat to watch from

We watched the rifle demonstration and then the kids had a chance to hold a rifle and see how heavy they are.  Much heavier then Matthew expected.

P1130113 2P1130116

The kids joined the army again this year.  Matthew joined this year also.  I was a bit worried how he’d take it when they yelled and reprimanded them for not doing things properly, but I guess seeing it done last year prepared him because he had a good time.


P1130123 2

Matthew mostly just kept an eye on what the others were doing and followed suit.  He was a little upset that by time he got in line to sign up there were no outfits left for him to wear.


Lined up and ready to start training




Protecting the fort from an attack


Receiving their certificates of passing inspection and being indentured to the army for the next 10 years.

P1130137 2P1130139 2

Attending an army school.


After exploring the fort we spent a bit of time going through the museum.  By this time the kids were ready to go home though, so we didn’t spent to long there.

Matthew trying to hit the ship with the cannon.


Before we left we stopped at the army tank monument … photo time

P1130148 2

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