Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kingston Day 1 - Wolfe Island

This summer we spent our family holiday week in Kingston from August 14-18.  We had once again scooped up a good deal this time off of Dealfind.  So for $130 we had our lodging, plus breakfast was included.  I don’t need to stay in a big fancy hotel with all the bells and whistles, just as long as it clean and respectable I’m happy.  So for the same price as a campsite (or less, depending on where you’re camping) I could enjoy a clean room with a bathroom as well as a fridge and microwave for my cooking. 

We arrived in Kingston Tuesday afternoon and met up with friends who were already there. Our room was not available yet but the kids took a quick swim before we decided to take the ferry to Wolfe Island and tour the Island. Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands, located where Lake Ontario ends and the St. Lawrence River begins its flow to the Atlantic, but the real reason we went is because the kids had never been on a vehicle carrying ferry before.

Waiting for the ferry. 


The ferry was free and took about 20 minutes to cross.  It makes a round trip each hour.


Fort Henry from the ferry.


Royal Military College of Canada


The kids wandered and explore all aspects of the ferry, taking in where everything was, from the covered area when it rains (which we needed on the way back) to the bathrooms, stairways and whatever other neat thing they could find.


The Island itself is about 29 km long and 9km wide.   It is sparsely populated with approximately 1500 people and has a small touristy type town, a couple golf course, cottages and cabins and lots of windmills as it has the second largest wind farm in Canada with 86 turbines.  It is also known for it’s good bird watching areas.

We took a drive and ended up at the Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area where we went for a short 3km hike to the beach.  It was a very nice beach.  The kids managed to dig their bathing suits out of their suitcases, but Rob and I’s suitcase was packed too far in to get our swim trunks out.  The water was very clear and nice and warm.



We left the beach as the weather took a change and rain clouds began to form.  We made it part way back on the ferry before it began to rain.  Marietta figured she was getting wet enough anyways, she might as well take a leap and go for a swim :)


After some evening relaxation, tv and games it was time to tuck the kids into bed.  Matthew was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow … and Rob was reading, I think he might have got the first sentence done before he fell asleep.


The girls had the luxury of having their own hotel room with Jeanette and Corinna.  This was a fun experience for them.  They had their own little stash of food that they could help themselves too. They played games and had pillow fights and stayed up late and just had a good time.  Good memories I’m sure.

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