Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kingston Day 3–Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

Our third day we were on our own.  The W’s headed home early so Shawna could have her cast removed.  This meant the girls had to give up their own private room and come join mom and dad again for the next two nights. 

Breakfast time in the Lobby



We headed off to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes for the morning.

The kid aren’t very much interested in reading museums and there was a lot of reading at this museum so they quickly lost interest once they got past the hands on stuff.  Rob on the other hand found lots that interested him and so he took his time reading while we spent some extra time exploring the coastal guard boat which was also included with admission.


We were exploring the upper level of the front of the ship when Matthew decided he was going to head back down the stairs on his own. (Small note: remember I have a sprained ankle and can’t walk the greatest)  A few steps down and Matthew falls, tumbling his way down …


His tumble ended near the bottom … he found himself hanging upside down, his leg stuck at the end of the handrails until I managed to make it down the stairs to help him untangle.  This is when he got the lesson from one of the volunteers that on a ship you should turn around and go backwards down the steps because they are steep and narrow.


After Matthew got over the shock and trauma he was okay to go again, with a good size scrap and bruise on his leg but overall in okay shape … just a bit more cautious and slow on the stairs


The huge steering wheel down below that is used in case of emergency to help steer if necessary


A simple cabin


In comparison to the cabin of the executives and captains


The captains working area


After exploring the museum we headed back for an afternoon at the hotel relaxing, reading and swimming

Looking at that picture of Rebecca I just think “ouch”.  It was taken a few minutes before her fingers got crushed by a full pop can that came flying at her.  We did not bring anything that sinks to play games in the pool, so Rob figured a pop can would work.  Matthew turned his back to the pool and heaved it over his head … it didn’t make it in the pool, instead it made it onto Rebecca’s fingers, ouch indeed!


And later some game playing, video watching and more relaxing before hitting the sack for the night.  Nice time together as family enjoying each others company.

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