Monday, May 2, 2011

Cake Preparations

Well it's almost been two months since Rebecca's birthday and she still keeps asking me when I'm going to post about it. She let me off the hook for a bit when we were having internet issues, but now that we finally have reliable internet I have no excuse anymore :) If I actually get this posted today then I'll be doing better then last year anyways seeing as I didn't get around to posting about her birthday until May 11th :)

So we'll start off with the cake(s). Matthew was my helper for the day. He did the pouring and mixing for me and was quite excited that he could help make Rebecca's birthday cakes.

We did a vanilla and a chocolate cake/cupbakes. As you can see Matthew quite enjoyed licking up the remains of the chocolate cake.

Watching the oven to make sure everything is going okay

Rebecca requested the flower for her birthday. I made extra cupcakes to make a second flower so she had a flower for when her friends were over and when my family came over. The flower was made with cupcakes and did not consist of enough cupcakes for everyone in my family ... so I decided to add a butterfly also.

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