Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Party

With Rebecca's birthday on a Sunday she decided to have a couple friends over on Saturday and then go swimming at Brock University during the afternoon. This was a simple "party" and they had lots of fun.

Waiting for her friends to arrive
P1040409  P1040407

Birthday cake time:



How many boyfriends???    I think she has quite a few :)


mmmm …… yummy!!!!


Opening her presents:

P1040439 P1040443

After some play time and lunch it was off to Brock University for some swimming fun. It was the first time for our kids to go there, so they were quite excited as we had told them about the tarzan rope and various levels of diving boards. Marietta and Rebecca both enjoyed the rope and Marietta dared to go off the second level diving board, but decided to leave the platform level for another time :)

After bringing the kids home and having supper dad had to go off for a "meeting" . He returned not to long afterwards .... and much to Rebecca's surprise  (can you tell she’s surprised?)

P1040448 P1040449

... he came back with someone - Rebecca's good friend Meaghan, from her old school.

Rebecca had been torn when deciding what she should do for her birthday as she wanted to do something with Meaghan but also with her other friends but we weren't so sure mixing the two would be good ... sometimes it works, sometimes it causes more issues and not such a good time. She does get together with Meaghan from time to time, so we told her she could get together with Meaghan some other time. You can imagine Rebecca's surprise and excitement when Meaghan got to come over for a sleepover for her actual birthday.

Two seconds after she got over the shock her and Meaghan disappeared upstairs to play. It's always neat to see how quickly they can fall back into friendship even when they haven't seen each other for some time.

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