Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hair Series

So I finally broke down and decided I couldn't put off reformatting my computer any longer. It was just too bogged down and slow. Really a new laptop would be wonderful, but realistically the computers in the house are still running - altho not the greatest and for how long we do not know - so we will make due as long as possible. The kids took over Rob's computer when he got a laptop for school. Since that computer is slightly faster then my computer it was decided it was time to do a switchover. So the kid's computer has been reformatted and is now mine ... and they are currently using my needs-to-be-formatted computer. Neither Rob nor I seem to have the time to figure out the issues that have arisen from my reformatting adventure and since I'm not so techie I just keep putting it off ... but it would really be nice to have sound on my computer again. Given I haven't gotten the glitches out of this reformat job I haven't yet dared to do the other computer which holds an abundance of treasured info and such ... no use having two computers with funny issues. Along with my reformat job meant only reloading the necessary programs and this mean I finally switched over to Photoshop. We got Photoshop Elements as a family gift in December and I've been meaning to sit down and try figure it out and use it ... but since I always seem to be short on time I would just fall back on my old program to do the quick resizing, cropping, etc for blogging. So now I am forcing myself to learn Photoshop because I know once I do I will love it. I just have to find time to fiddle with it .... thanks Val for coming down and giving us a basic rundown, that sure helped.

That's sort of my excuse for not blogging lately, and the fact that March Break has come and gone and last week was just plain busy. So I have some catching up to do again ... as Rebecca pointed out ... "you haven't posted anything about my birthday yet!!"

For now I'm just going to start with a series of hair-do posts. Just some fun hair-do's that I've been doing lately. Mind you ... this is not a hair-do that I did. Rebecca's hair was long enough to donate for cancer patients and so she has chopped it off again at the end of December (see here for last time she did). Again the knots just got the better of us and we decided to give a break from trying to brush the tangles out ... she has beautiful hair, if only it wouldn't get so knotty. It does look wonderful when it's all done up, but I didn't always have time to find some hair-do that would last long enough to cut down on the amount of brushing required to keep it knot-free. I also love how this short hair-style looks on her, so I had not problem having her cut it off again.


Marietta enjoys having her hair long and doing her own hair, plus she doesn't have the knots issue, so she decided to stick with long for now, although she did hum-haw about cutting it for a bit. Now she's real glad she left it long because she gets Mom all to herself when it comes to getting her hair done ... and as you'll see in the next days she's been taking full advantage of that. I do enjoy trying new hair-do's, especially ones that last for days at a time, making it worth the effort put into it. I'm not creative enough to think of new ideas, but have been getting the ideas off the internet, sometimes with some modifications. There's enough good ideas out there I haven't had a chance to try think of my own. We've been having fun. So over the next days I'll post some of the "fun" hair-do's I've done in the last few months.

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