Monday, March 7, 2011

Reading Week: Book Character Day

A few weeks back was Reading Week at school and the kids had to dress up as a book character the one Friday. Each grade was assigned a type of book that they had to dress like. Rebecca's class, Grade 3/4, did Fairy Tales and Marietta's class, Grade 5, did Adventurers. So we did a Wikipedia search of what classified as a Fairy Tale and Rebecca decided to go with Rapunzel. So long hair we had to make ... we didn't have any thick yarn in the house, so Rapunzel had to have thin hair, but it was plenty long. The other pictures is a picture of another Rapunzel in her class ... least they had some nice thick yarn.
Marietta chose to be Mandie from the Mandie mystery novel series ... which meant she wore the dress-up same outfit to school again. I think this is the third ... or is it fourth time?? I know she went as Laura Ingalls once and I think as Sarah Plain and Tall another time, as well as wearing it to the Pioneer Village. I believe Rebecca has also worn this costume as Laura Ingalls before and when they went to the Pioneer Village. This costume was originally made many years ago (we won't say how many) when I was in Grade 6 and we had Book Character Day. My mom made the outfit and I was Laura Ingalls. Marietta is not wearing the bonnet in her picture. I think Mom can say that here efforts certainly paid off for this outfit ... it is beginning to fall apart but the kids still love it.


Joyce said...

I think i have photos of Marietta dressed up in that dress when she and rebecca stayed over when you were in hospital with our little James. Let me know if you want the photos and I will try dig them outof my computer


Steph said...

Would love to see the pic ... if it isn't too hard to find :)