Friday, March 11, 2011

Craft Time

So here we have one of the results of my CHAOS Fridays.

Since January I have been making a point of doing some sort of craft or something of that assort with the girls on Saturday afternoon. The hope is that Matthew will nap so we have time together, but since he has decided not to nap all the time that hasn't always been successful and then it can be hard to concentrate on crafts with him whining for attention ... but overall we've done a variety of different things.

The common one is to make cards. We've also made bookmarks and the girls have been learning to knit using a knitting loom. For this particular project we made Salt Dough on Saturday, shaped and form it, then baked it until it was dry. Then a few days later we painted them once they were good and dry.

Matthew painting the car I made for him

Ummmm ... I think they got a little sidetracked here

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