Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Difference

Three weeks ago Nathan first entered the hospital. What a journey it has been since then. But even looking back over the past week all we can think to say is "what a difference". A week ago Nathan was just awake from his induced coma, still covered with tubes and iv's and what-not, half doped from sedation and unable to talk because he was intubated. Now when we walk in his room it seems empty (except when dialysis is running). He has one IV still running, keeping him well hydrated. Although he is very tired and cannot commuicate for long periods, he is able to now.

God has so richly blessed Nathan in these past weeks. We feared for his life and then we feared what it would be like when he would wake and the reality of what had happened hit him, and here he is awake and accepting, witnessing to others. Nathan is happy for the life he still has and figures he can't do anything about what has happened so he will go forward with the strength God is giving him. He is so unbelieveably strong and positive and will attest to the fact that it does not come from himself but from God.

The journey ahead is a long one and while he is "out of the woods" now, he is still very ill. His body has a lot to cope with and he continues to need to rest and sleep as often as possible. We realize that an infection or "common" illness could be very serious for him. Today we seen another sign of progress as Nathan was moved out of ICU and into the Burn Unit, which specializes in dressing changes.

The nurses in ICU called him the Miracle Man, but we know who the miracle comes from.

"Surely God is my help; the LORD is the one who sustains me." Psalm 54:4

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em said...

Wow - what a miracle and statement of faith. And what a road for you all to travel. May we all give highest praise the name of our Holy God who at all times remains faithful to us. You have been in our prayers - your mom and dad, your kids, and all the extended family - it's a long haul for all of you - may you all continue to be a support for Nathan, Aileen and the kids.