Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Years

Life has Gone On ... but we still miss our dear James


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you these past weeks, but especially today. Sometimes life is difficult isn't it. Wishing you God's loving arms around you as you reflect on your precious little James and all the things you went through with him.
Wishing you much strength in the day to day challenges.

johnvi said...

Thinking of your family today.
John & Francine

sherry said...

thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
the Olij's

Anonymous said...

That video is beautiful! What a beautiful little boy. Those days are clear in my mind as Rebecca was in my class. Many times she felt comfortable enough to lay her head down on my shoulder and cry. I think of her often, wishing I was near again to offer that same shoulder for her.

Praying for her, you and the rest of your family.

Michelle Helder

Brad and Deb said...

Thinking and praying for your family today.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures, Steph. James had the most adorable smile, and the pictures of him holding Matthew are precious.

It's hard to believe it's been three years--it seems both so short and so long. Time is such a strange thing when combined with grief.

Keeping you close in prayer,

HH said...

hugs steph as you remember your little boy. we wish your family God's love and nearness so you can get through each day remembering and celebrating james' little life.
thinking of you xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Steph! He was such a precious little boy. It may have been 3 years but I remember him so clearly. Praying you receive the strength for yesterday, today and tomorrow...
Time does not heal all wounds. Looking forward to being united with him again some day!
Comfort and Strength to you all.
Henrietta VanderLaan