Saturday, November 13, 2010


I realize that those who are following my blog are also following Nathan's blog, so this will just be a repeat of information.

As family we did look into setting up some sort of Donation Account or Trust Fund, but found out this was a little more difficult then anticipated. Since Sheehan's has taken the initiative to raise funds for Nathan and Aileen then we think it is best to direct people to this initiative as there is no reason why there needs to be two funds going. If you have any questions, would like more information or anything of that assort you can contact me at

I will just copy and paste what Aileen wrote on Nathan's blog:

I was asked to post this information on behalf of Nathan's employers. Nathan's service manager Marc as well as owners of Sheehan's Truck Center have been working on a fund raiser. Anyone wishing to contribute is asked to send it to:

Nathan Diek
c/o Sheehan's Truck Centre
4320 Harvester Rd
Burlington ON
L7L 5S4

Sheehan's is able to take Visa and Master Card however there is a percentage based premium that is charged per transaction.

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