Thursday, February 7, 2008

What did I do??

Remember my story about concentrating the formula? I had figured " a short term high calorie diet wasn't going to hurt". Apparently I'm wrong, or so it would seem. I'm regretting that hasty decision right now ... altho maybe when it gets sorted out I'll be thankful ... who knows.

I wrote about the effects this had (we're assuming it was related to the concentrated formula) the next day - he vomitted and had loose stools, the following day more loose stools and mucas. Friday to Sunday did not see anything majorly significant, he continued to have loose stool about 3-4 a day. Monday we started a whole new level ... it's like James is back. We dealing with 6-7 loose, diarrhea, seperated, mucasy type stools a day. So far only once we've questioned whether we're seeing blood. Matthew has been unhappy and needs extra attention, but if given it he is usually pretty good. Monday was his worse day where he cried most of the afternoon and I had to walk the floors with him off and on throughout the evening because he kept waking and crying and wouldn't stop. Since then he's slowly been getting more toleratable

And so we ask ourselves: Is this still an effect from last week? Could 20oz really have done that much damage? Why would it have suddenly gotten worse instead of slowly better? Could he just have picked up a Gastro -type Flu and this all be coincidental? On Tuesday we put him on strictly rice pablum since we know for sure he tolerates that fine, since there was no changes today we took him off all solids and also diluted his formula to keep him hydrated but give his gut a bit of a rest. Argghhhhh, I thought we were done with medical questions.

On a happier note. On Tuesday we went for a ECG (they put 12 leads/stickers on to monitor the heart function and let the machine print off the readings) and seen the Cardiologist. The 1 minutes (if that) ECG they did says his heart if fine and since he has no other signs of heart problems the Cardiologist says it's likely a "innocent" murmur as a true murmur would be heard all the time. We were not surprised by this answer as we know that most murmurs are "innocent" and he should have shown other signs if he had a murmur. So we have ruled out another concern and avoided having a sedated Echo done. While I was there I was able to get another SAT reading on Matthew and this one came up good at 99-100%. They're still waiting for a machine to come in for us to borrow, if it takes to long they've offered a few other options, but right now we're okay with waiting.

Oh ... and the cough is back ... not as bad and only comes shortly after going to sleep, and a couple clearing coughs sometimes when he wakes.

Over the weekend I was getting more relaxed about the idea that this may just all be a lingering cold that we picked up because "we know too much" and notice things others would not (as the doctors like to point out) ... now ... I don't know what to think ... *big sigh*

We have another appointment next week, we'll see what that brings ... until then ....


Kevin & Amy said...

Rob and Steph, we continue to pray for you during the scary time of figuring out Matthew's health!

Anonymous said...

Rob, Steph and Family
Hope and pray you can get things figured out soon.

Nathan and Aileen

HH said...

Hoping you get some answers real soon! Praying for little Matthew.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Steph,

We continue to remember you in our prayers and hope that you will soon have some answers that will put your fears to rest.

Take comfort in the knowledge that God is holding Matthew in His arms just as He holds all of His children.

Arend and Willa Dale

Anonymous said...

Rob & Steph,
Trust your instincts. Don't let the doctors belittle you into thinking you're paranoid. As much as you want to dismiss your instincts, I know it weighs heavily on you. May God bless further medical tests, as well as give you strength for each new day.

Lots of love,

Andrew and Natalie VanderHeide said...

Hi Steph (and Rob and family)
I don't know if you remember us...but we used to be in Hamilton and SHiana was in Marietta's class. Anyway, for a long time now (since I heard through Cecilia's blog) I have kept up with your story from here in PNG. I wanted to send you a message when your precious James passed away, but some how it would not post my message. So now that I have begun a blog of our own I thought I would try to post a comment again using my account. Anyway, we have been with you in prayer and thought and still express our deepest sympathy with the passing of James. Now, as I continue to read your hurts and struggles also with little Matthew we wish you God's ever present comfort and strength. With Christian love, Natalie and Andrew VanderHeide