Friday, February 1, 2008

Urine Test Results

Today our Genetic Doctor left a message on our answering machine, informing us that the results of Matthew's urine tests were back. We had expected this to take about a week, as we've previously experienced, so this was a surprise. We thank our Heavenly Father for so quickly relieving our tension, stress and fears for the Dr. reported that the urine test came back "completely normal" and there is "absolutely no possiblity of LPI."

I did not get a chance to talk to our doctor, but we have always been completely happy with the work he does, feeling confident that he knows what he is doing and has reviewed everything thoroughly. Since he so firmly stated his message on our machine we feel that we can move forward in confidence that we will not have to deal with another LPI PAP case. You can imagine what a relief this is to us.

We realize that this leaves us without an answer to our concerns about Matthew's breathing, but we feel some of our anxieties have been relieved and maybe even have some hope again that this is indeed just a lingering cold. We also realize that as time slowly ticks on, this is becoming less and less likely (but it's still not impossible.) At the same time, we're aware that just because we've ruled out our greatest fear, that doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong or to be feared. Once again, time will tell ... as we go through the various tests they think are necessary to get an answer. We pray it will not take long to receive this answer, or better yet, that we simply see him improve.

We thank you all for your prayers, e-mails and genuine concern, most of all we thank our Heavenly Father for the results we received today.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Wow! Prayers have been answered!! God is so Good!
We are really hoping that Matthew may indeed show signs of improvement and that his breathing concerns are simply just a nasty cold! ...for this we pray!!
We continue in faith with you!
Rich and Tracey Stam

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news to hear! God is gracious.
We hope that all may be well with him as Matthew gets older.
Shaun and Karen DeJonge and family

Anonymous said...

Oh - Steph, that is such great news!! We are so thankful!!

Deb Alkema

Kevin & Amy said...

Thank God! I'm also thankful that you are confident in this answer and can move forward in Matthew's care.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news, Steph! Many prayers have been answered the way we hoped them to be!! We continue to pray that an answer for Matthew's breathing troubles will be found soon.
the Noots

Anonymous said...

As our fervent prayers joined yours pleading for God's grace, we now join you in heartfelt thanksgiving! He has again proven Himself to be a gracious Father, that you did not have to wait a terribly long week, but have gotten this wonderful news so quickly. Hopefully any further concerns may also soon be put to rest. Love, Al and Diane

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I didn't realize you were dealing with all of this Steph! We too are thankful that God has already answered one question for you, and we pray that other answers you are looking for will be given soon! We will continue to pray for you all!
Henry and Julia Meerveld

HH said...

What wonderful news for you both. God does hear and answer prayers. May you find reasoning to Matthew's ailments soon, but in the meantime look to Him for your srength. We are so relieved with you.

Anonymous said...

Rob & Steph,
Thanks for the update; since your visit on Thursday, the possibility of LPI/PAP in Matthew has loomed over me. So I am very happy to hear this has been ruled out. We also hope and pray that the concerns of his respiratory rate will soon be figured out so you can know how to deal with that. You've been able to make one big step forward today already; now to wait for the next step or next corner. May God give you strength every step of the way.


Anonymous said...

Steph your and Rob's relief must be so intense! It's totally understandable that you are going to be a bit jumpy about Matthew's health and thankfully this test came back completely normal. We pray for peace of mind for you now and in the future. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers!
the Vanderhouts

T.B.H. said...

We are happy to hear the test results were good. As to what could be ailing Matthew, one suggestion I'd like to make is if you live in an old house, have it checked for mold. Matthew could be reacting to mold spores with asthma-like symptoms.Just a thought!
Regards, Thea H.

Anonymous said...

Prayers have been answered! May you continue to find your strength in the LORD. We are praying and hoping that things will improve with Matthew.
Prayingfor you and thinking of you often
Nathan, Aileen, Taryn and Aiden

Anonymous said...

We are so thankful to read of the results of the urine test! We pray that more answers will be forthcoming before long.

We continue to pray for you and your family.

Arend and Willa Dale