Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleddin' in the Rain

To be fair it didn't rain the whole time, first it was blowing and snowing and sleeting and raining, then it just rained, then the rain stopped and so did the wind. And shortly after we got home the sun came out. But regardless we had lots of fun.

Our usual routine has been to go skating on Saturday afternoons, but the last two weeks we've actually had snow and so we figured we'd take the opportunity to go tobagganning instead. The kids love this ... better then skating. Last week we went as a family ... with Matthew all bundled up to watch us. The snow was fluffy and perfect for sledding ... and I forgot the camera. So I remembered the camera this time (unfortunately I was rather disppointed with the outcome as many were blurry, altho they did not appear so on the camera screen). This weekend Rob was buried in the books writing essays, so I went with the girls. The snow was very wet and not near as nice, limitting where we could sled, but the kids met other friends from school there and had a blast!!

The trek up the hill
Fun on the GT

Marietta and Rebecca hanging on to each other so they come down together
Oopppps .... wipe-out

Yup thats me! Can you tell?
One more of Marietta

Unfortunately I missed pictures of the best times when we started to get more creative .... two crazy carpets, six passengers; three crazy carpets, eight passengers, etc. I was kindly reminded (and continue to be today) of why I do not like crazy carpets ... I only went for one such trip on these thin carpets that do nothing to protect you from the bumps on the way down ... and after that I had trouble walking ... ouch my tailbone ... today I could walk and stand okay, but sitting was still a challenge!!

Other then that not much exciting has been happening around here lately. The kids enjoyed a couple snow days over the past week or so (and Rob had one too) and they had a ton of fun at Winterfest at school on Friday. It's not every day they're allowed to have snowball fights at school ... and better yet ... to be allowed to throw them at the teacher too!! Rob is totally swamped in the books and is looking forward to Reading Week next week (where I've been given strict instructions not to make any plans for him as he'll need the whole week and then some to study). And I've just been busy doing ... well ... ah ... all those things that wives/mothers do on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Was winterfest a spur of the moment thing? Erin was sick on Thursday and Friday and I didn't hear anything about it.

Looks like you had some great times toboganning!!!

Kevin & Amy said...

Glad you could have fun with the family, enjoying the outdoors. We continue to think and pray for you often:)

Stephanie said...

Yes, winterfest was a spur of the moment thing. Marietta came home Thursday to say that they were having Winterfest the next day ... we had to go on her word since we did not receive a note or anything home letting us know.

HH said...

Glad you could have time to play together. That snow looks awesome, very foreign substance for

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to see and hear you do those 'normal' things that are so memorable and enjoyable.
Thankful with you!
Hope Rob can get lots done next week. Blessings to you all.
Love, Al and Diane

Andrew and Natalie VanderHeide said...

Hi again Steph,

Thanks for the great comments on my blog, and I enjoyed the stories of the snow (brings back memories - rather different to the consant sweating over here!) I just tucked Shiana into bed and I usually tell her something nice to think about before she goes to sleep as she is having trouble with nightmares at the moment. So we had a nice little chat about Marietta and she remembered those coats. And then she said, "but Mum, that's going to make me sad, not happy, because I miss Marietta and all my friends in Canada and I will think about her little brother that died too". Anyway we still managed to turn it into happy thoughts, but I thought it was kind of cute and I would share it with you...
BTW on my blog you said that you could track that someone from PNG was viewing your blog. How do you figure that out???

Brad and Deb Alkema said...

Aren't you glad you went sledding when it was "warm"?!


Brad and Deb Alkema said...
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Stephanie said...

Yup, somehow I doubt you would find me sledding when it's colder then -10 ... takes the fun out it - I'm not too keen on frozen toes and fingers. Although Rob walked part-way home last night and came in saying he was overdressed (at that time is was more like -18 or something). It's all in how you dress, and somehow the kids don't seem to notice the difference ... cold is cold to them. I hate cold, I'll just stay inside and enjoy it from here for now ... but at least the wind is gone today, I didn't find it near as bad (probably because it's a bit warmer today too).

Anonymous said...

Its true... if you dress warmly, its manageable, but it seems there's nothing that can be done about that wind! How many days until spring?