Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time to Move–Part 3

Here’s the Old Living Room (I used to always say it was only the living room on Sunday. The rest of the week it was the LIVING room aka playroom, reading room, music room, tv room, snoozing room, homework room, everything room … it was meant for living in)

Note the french door by the piano in this picture … that door was removed since it was never used and put on the new living room door frame to give the room a parlour look.  We’re loving being able to close the door if we want to the noise going on outside the room


We turned the living room into The Family Room.  We had to debate what to call the room so that we didn’t get confused on what we were talking about.  In reality this is the LIVING room and the living room is the Parlour … but we don’t use that language now-a-days … so Family Room it is.


The amazing part is that I actually got a picture when the room was clean … where the table was actually cleared off.  There always seems to be some project on the go on the table.  Partly Matthew who has to learn to put things away when he’s done, but otherwise there is homework spread out on there or Rob’s computer and books.  It’s a busy center … one that everyone is enjoying.  And lego has it’s way of making itself around the room as they are well used items that are thoroughly being enjoyed by Matthew.



It took a bit of work to combine two offices into one, but it has been done and I must say that I love having my desk back in a busy part of the home where I’m not tucked away in my room.  Rob does miss his office as he doesn’t have a quiet place to do his catechism prep or committee work. But he realizes that we couldn’t keep that room for the couple hours a day (if that) during the “study season” that it is used. We’ve seemed to have figured out a way to make it work, with the filing cabinet used as his desk storage area for his laptop and things he’s working on to be stored on, plus he has the shelf on the printer side of my desk for storage/books/binders. He does his work at the table along with the kids. Sometimes he takes over my desk, but mostly he likes to use the table. It’s great that we are actually working in the same room now and if the kids are up we’re all together.

So we tackled the basement and we tackled the main floor …. we figured we might as well do a thorough job and so the upstairs was tackled also … well I wouldn’t say also, it was part of the process to make everything fit.  The Upstairs Hall aka Extended Playarea


now The Upstairs Hall aka Library

The toys were purged and we got rid of the things that weren’t being used often enough to justify keeping

At the top of the stairs is the matching tallboy dresser from our new bedroom set.  It’s a little bigger then we’d like for the spot it’s in, but it had to go somewhere … so there it is.


Another great find on kijiji was the cube book shelf.  We have a litter trained bunny that runs around upstairs.  The problem with bunnies is they like to chew … this often goes in stages and by time we realize he’s back in that stage it means something has been chewed … and that often means the bottom books on a shelf.  So we have learned not to have books on the bottom shelf or to have them covered.  So when we seen this shelving system we though it was perfect.

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