Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to Move– Part 2

So once the bedroom was moved we were ready to tackle the next room … our Old Bedroom/Steph’s Office


Having my desk in our bedroom had worked but now that I have my desk in the family room I realize how much better it is there and how buried out of sight I was to the kids when it was in our room.  I see that these pictures were taken after I had already stripped some of the shelves of the photo albums.  The old bedroom set was sold to pay for the new.  You’ll have to keep following along to see where the new “office” ended up as well as the treadmill.

But for now we’ll go to what we changed our Old Bedroom into … The Living Room … yes I go that right …. The Living Room … and I must say we’re quite happy with how it turned out.


Some of the pictures are a bit on an angle … my “stuff the camera in the corner and take a snap” wasn’t very level … gonna have to work on that techinque ;)


It took a bit for me to finish off the living room as I had to do the pictures above the couch.  After some thought on what to do I decided to do three picture and went out searching for some cheap large frames.  It took a while but I finally stumbled across the right colour frames for $15 each. It was hard to get a close up of the pictures without the flash shining in the pic … and I couldn’t get enough light to get a good picture without the flash.  The two fall photos were taken at Albion Falls, we had climbed down to the bottom of the falls and then walked along the ravine and enjoyed the beautiful fall colours.  The butterfly photo was taken at Sam Lawrence Park


The Living Room is treated like a parlour.  It is to be used for reading, visiting and TV time (which isn’t very much around here).  Toys do not belong in the living room and it’s not a play area.  The door can be closed when kids are over so they stay out … it’s great.  I love that the living room stays clean and when I want to sit down and relax I’m not in the middle of a disaster of toys and papers and crayons and what-not-else.

So this means the old Living Room is now partly empty and we’ll have to move along to see what happened to that room.

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