Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time to Move-Part 4

The kids bedrooms actually were not touched during the process, or very little was touch except for some closet rearranging … but they have changed since we first moved here and I just never got around to posting about it before (even though the girls kept bugging me to).  So to complete this process I guess I better show pictures of them as well.

The Girls Bedroom when we moved in, (not the clearest because I stole them off the blog post from here, as I’m too lazy to try find them back on the other computer)


The Girls Room now

This is a different room.  In the summer of 2010 the kids decided to switch bedrooms.  We had one tall captains bed and with a bit of looking on kijiji we found a matching one.  We love these beds with two shelves of storage.  We put long under-the-bed storage containers on the shelves and it’s amazing how much stuff they can get under there … away went their dresser and their desk that they stored their odds and ends in.  It has made for a much neater room overall as they have enough room to store all those things they like to collect.  Having small rooms makes these beds great, the only problem we ran into is that the one bed is higher then the other … and with a sloped ceiling this means Rebecca needs to watch her head when sitting up in bed.  The good part for Marietta was that they got separate beds AND she still had room to keep Thumper


At one point the girls asked to have their room redecorated … it sounded like fun to them … not so much to me who doesn’t do that type of stuff.  I kindly reminded them that I am fine with them hanging up whatever they want on the old walls (which haven’t been redone for over 20 years), but if they redecorate they couldn’t hang stuff all over the “new” walls … they are now happy with the old walls

And last but not least … Matthew’s Room

There is no point in putting up a picture of Matthew’s room when we moved in.  He was in a different room at the time with a crib and change table (wow was he really that little when we moved here).  His room went through various changes when he moved to the toddler bed then big bed, got rid of the change table and lazy boy as he got bigger. So this is the room that was the girls room when we moved here.

We debated getting Matthew a similar bed to the girls bed (actually the first bed we got like that was for Matthew when he moved into a big bed … but the girls took that over when they switched bedrooms), but decided that having bunkbeds is definitely handy when having extra’s over.  So instead we just bought under-the-bed storage containers for him and put his clothes in there so that he doesn’t have to have a dresser.


Some of Matthew’s toys are downstairs in the Family Room and the rest are in his bedroom.  He has quiet time after lunch on days he’s home and so these toys get played with at this time.  His wooden train track stuff has also been moved upstairs … the black mat is for building tracks on … and he often plays with this during quiet time.  We had just cleaned the room when these pictures were taken, he was going to build a new track for on the pictures, but somehow that didn’t happen.  But most of the time when you walk in the room there is a train track on the mat.

We recently set the keyboard up in his room as he’s now taking piano lessons (from time to time when Marietta has time to fit it in) and he loves music.  So he either tinkers on it or just puts the pre-recorded songs on and listens to them.

Now a couple shots of some more minor changes that were done just to finish thing up.

The Entrance Hallway

Just some pictures added to the hallway.  I could never find a big enough picture (in my price range) for about the coats so it was always blank before.  This one is smaller then my preference, but at least breaks up the wall.  On the waterfall theme … since we love waterfalls around here, I added one my waterfall pictures to the other wall (used to be a family picture collage in that frame).



And the Kitchen.  There was some discussion about getting rid of the desk in the kitchen, putting a different desk in there, getting rid of the cupboard under the window, etc. So when we started we weren’t 100% sure if changes would be made to this room. So here are my before pictures.

The Kitchen before


In the end little changed in this room.  The cupboard under the window is still under debate on whether it will stay.  This used to be the craft cupboard and now that we have the new cupboard in the other room it’s not really needed, except it has a lovely shelf for our Bibles and psalm books for after supper, as well as stores Pete’s (the bird/canary) night time blanket and food.  So it was quickly filled up with miscellaneous items and at this point has stayed, also because, as the pictures below show … Pete got himself a bigger cage somewhere in this whole process.  Guess we figured if we needed more space so should he … no, just kidding.  We had been looking for a cage with more width as canaries like to fly back and forth and so they are better in a wider cage that allows them this space.  So the new cage was a cheap find off Kijiji … a bit taller then is necessary for one bird but definitely has the width for him to fly back and forth and he seems to really enjoy it.

So besides Pete’s cage the only other thing that changes is that we put a photo collage on the wall … a wall which I didn’t really capture in my before picture … but here is is in my after pictures.

The Kitchen after


So there you have it.  We still have the old carpets, the old flooring, the same wall colours (and wallpaper in one room, altho it’s mostly been covered by pictures), those are things we’re just not ready to invest in a rental home at this point.  But we are thoroughly enjoying the changes we’ve made.  We are absolutely loving the extra space it provides.  The kids have also commented on how it’s easier to keep the house clean now also.  I do have to say that it seemed as much work as moving, by time we pretty much moved everything around, but the house has been purged again and cleaned and organized and we’ll see how long it lasts before it’s time for a change again.

And that finally brings me to the end of 2012.  Wouldn’t you know that only a few weeks after I wrote my post on Blog2Print (and a couple months after I spent a ton of money with them) they finally decided to give people the option of what size photos they would like and to start a new page with each new post.  So we’ll see how this years blog book prints in comparison.  Almost makes me think it might be easier to continue with blogspot instead of making a book in Blurb … but we all know how good I am at this blogging thing :)

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