Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soccer Tournament

While I was busy with Rebecca at the 4H Achievement Day, Rob and Matthew went to see Marietta at the Grade 7/8 Soccer Tournament.  I guess that’s the reality of life as your kids get older and need to be at different places at different times … you can’t keep them all herded under your wings all the time.  It was too bad they were on the same day, but at least Rob was able to go and watch.

The interesting part about the game this year was Marietta’s position.  Due to the Tournament being on the same day as the Guido Graduation not all students could make it, and the two goalies the team had would not be able to play.  This meant they needed a new goalie and something possess Marietta to try out for the position.  Turns out she’s actually pretty good as a goalie and so she found herself in the net … and enjoying it.

The feedback I got from the day of the games is that she did a real good job.  The kids had a good time and it’s a great chance to interact with the kids their age from other schools.  I don’t have pictures from the actual game day but I did get a chance to watch them play at the exhibition game that they had against JCS earlier that week.

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Marietta was also on the Grade 7/8 Volleyball team which had it’s tournament on November 29th.  I was unable to attend this because I was volunteering at kindergarten that day.  I did get a chance to see her play at the exhibition game against JCS, but I forgot my camera that day.  She still likes soccer the best, but found she enjoyed volleyball as well.

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Marietta said...

Soccer is definetly the best but volley ball is right behind. I wonder if it has to do with not very much running (at least when I'm in net) :) I really do hope I can play goalie again next year.