Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mr. Pumpkin

The Kindergarten went on a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch place.  The place that they used to go to was no longer doing groups and so they tried a new place. I would say I don’t recommend the place, but the kids are young and probably did not see what the adults did, so they had a good time. Apparently this place has been around for about 20 years, basically it was a run down junk farm open for people to tramp around.  But the kids had a good time and that’s what counts … altho Matthew to this day continues to be confused about Haunted School Buses.  While the teacher tried to prevent the kids from going on it Mr. Pumpkin thought it was a great idea.  Matthew went near it and came back to me and I told him to stay off as I didn’t want him dealing with nightmares as he can be sensitive to dark and gloomy things.  He could see the skeleton hanging up and for some time asked why someone would hang that up, why wasn’t it buried, was it real, etc

Lincoln and Matthew


Visiting the animals


Corn Maze.  Since it was a drought year the corn was not very tall, as adults we could see over it, but at least for the kids it was talk enough.


We also went on a hay ride through the field.  Afterwards we came back to watch Mr. Pumpkin launch a pumpkin in his air cannon and try to hit a old truck out in the field.


You can see the end of the cannon on the right side of the picture and the truck on the left side of the picture in the trees.


Next the kids got a chance to ride on the Giant Spider Ride/Contraption made with old barrels.  Behind there you can see the barrel maze, which the kids played tag in for a little bit but the barrels were far enough apart that the kids could just run between them.


It was a morning out for the kids and they all got to take a pumpkin home.  They had a good time and came home with stories.

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