Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fair Fun

Since we had to pay to get into the fairs to see Rebecca show her Mini we decided to put that fee to work and enter into various other categories at the fairs.  There is no fee for Juniors to enter and the fee for an adult is the same as an entrance ticket and with the membership comes a (free) entrance ticket.  So the kids set to work to put together some entries and I even got a bit involved and entered a few things as well.  Next year we’ll be better informed about how this all works and not wait until the last minute to get things together (I hope) and decide what to enter.

We all entered in the Binbrook Fair and Rebecca and I entered the Caledonia Fair (Marietta was just too busy with homework at the time), mostly in the baking and photography categories but the girls also in the sewing, vegetable and a few other junior categories.  Marietta’s pictures seemed to have disappeared where she took photos of her winings, but suffice to say she did fairly well in most of the categories she entered  and came back with a few dollars in winnings.  Rebecca did not enter in quite as many categories as Marietta but she also came back with some winnings on her baking and sewing.

I also managed to pick up a few prizes, including a various firsts in the baking category – for Allergy Alert recipe (gluten,egg and milk free), Gluten Free Cookies, Gluten Free Bread,   The kids favourite banana muffins also won first, I can’t remember what else there was but various other baking and photos came back with prizes. 

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We spent the day as a family at the Binbrook Fair. Once Rebecca was done her showing we checked out how our entries did.  From there we carried on to check out a few other things happening there, the animals, samples,magic show and singing contest, which Marietta had wanted to enter but we couldn’t get it together quick enough.  She was disappointed that she didn’t because there were only two entries in her level and she could have easily gotten 2nd place and took home $50.

The kids each got a free balloon from the clown … was really neat to watch how quickly she wiped up the creations.  Matthew got a sword with a belt to hold it.


Rebecca got a butterfly that was a bracelet and Marietta a flower.


It’s no wonder fairs are not that well attended anymore.  At the price they charge for one ride who is going to be crazy enough to spend money there when they can get all-inclusive bracelets at amusement parks?  It is absolutely ridiculous … but I had promised Matthew he could go on one ride, so he took his pick.  While the girls could completely understand the waste of money of going on the rides this concept was beyond Matthew who was rather disappointed that he had to make a choice between all the different options.


Country Bumpkins off to butcher the pig …teehee  :)  (We love you Rebecca, really we do!)


We came back in the evening for the demolition derby.  This is the first one any of the kids had watched and was especially a thrill for Matthew, he was just giddy with excitement and all his dinky cars were involved in demolition derbies for the next weeks.

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