Monday, November 21, 2011

Port Burwell 2011

On Saturday night we had a storm roll through and Sunday was a cool and windy day.  We could hear the waves crashing onto the shore from our campsite in the morning, but did not have time to go down to the beach and have a peak, so we promised the kids we would do it after the second service.  Our kids have never actually seen the waters wavy.  Their idea of waves are my idea of calm if I recall the time we would spend as kids swimming at Knights Beach with the huge waves crashing in on us.

By time we got home in the afternoon we could no longer hear the waves from our campsite, so they didn’t get to see the really big waves, but they did get a sense of what it looks like when it’s more wavy.  We spent some time walking the beach, jumping the shore waves and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation around us.


 P1070825_edited-1 P1070829_edited-1 P1070836 P1070841  P1070898P1070875  P1070866


On Monday before we left we had to make sure that we took some pictures on this log.  Whenever we see this log I think all of us have the same photos in our mind (see below)


Matthew refusing to smile


Some assistance from his sisters to get him to smile


Okay, they’re all smiling now

P1070959 P1070969



Wow, I just can’t get over how small they are on these pictures.

 Port Burwell 1995 2 Port Burwell 1995 3

James at six and a half months.  Such a little cutie … who would have thought …

James Port Burwell 1995

Oh … and since I’m posting some old pictures her are the girls with Brent and Mitchell that same year … they’ve done some growing too!   The kids always would talk about the huge deep hole they found when they were at Port Burwell and how they sat in it with Brent and Mitchell.  Funny how what they imagined and what it really was is not the same.  When they seen the picture again they were like “it wasn’t really that big”.  Ah well, it gave them thrills at the time.

Port Burwell 1995 4

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