Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marietta's 10th Birthday

On July 14 our oldest reached the double digits. Oh, how time flies!

Marietta decided to just have one friend over for a sleepover this year. She dearly misses her friend Kelsie from our old place and so Kelsie came and slept over for a couple days.

We had a quiet morning and then in the afternoon we went to the beach for a couple hours and then mini-golfing. The girls had only been mini-golfing once before and that was a number of years ago (2006). Usually we find it overpriced for the entertainment it is since kids tend to lose interested half way through. But they enjoyed the whole time and we discovered that the local mini-golf is only $1 per person on Wednesday ... and wouldn't you know, Marietta's birthday was on Wednesday.

Ten years old, but not too big to enjoy the park yet. They especially liked the teeter-tooters/see-saws since those are not found at today's newer more safety conscious parks.

Marietta had a bit of a chuckle at this present from Rebecca. Rebecca found it at the thrift store and gave it to Marietta for her playing with her dolls (and it's already been put to good use ... not too big to play house yet). The bottle is full of various baby items - bottle, soother, brush, bowl, cup, etc. Also on this picture is Marietta's own Little House on the Prairie Set. Both girls received their own set this year for their birthdays. As well Marietta received the Rose Years set. Now we have the majority of the Little House Books, the ones we are missing are hard to get, especially in the unabridged version, which is no longer being printed.

A new comforter for her bed.

Marietta had a few picks when it came to her birthday cake this year. She wanted a pig, cow or sheep ... you think she was a country girl or something (really, she spends very little time outside, but does love animals). We went with the sheep. Although it was not her intent, we called him Shaun the Sheep (check the link to better understand). We have never watch the show, but some brainy guys who were supposed to be studying "introduced" (in a round about way) us to the games and since then the girls love to play it. So all I know is the games, and cannot say good or bad about the actual show.

Hmmm ... I think that says she has two boyfriends :) She has not disclosed who they are :)

Yup, our Marietta is getting big. Unfortunately she does not always like the add responsibilities of being older, but at the same time she can be a very responsible and grown up little girl. Marietta loves to cook and bake, but hates the other household chores that she has the privilege of helping with :) She also has a love for gardening, watching things grow and reaping the rewards of the growth (this has been from a very young age). She was rather disappointed that her garden did not grow well this year ... except for the zucchini, we'll have enough zucchini to last us about five years :) It took some time for Marietta to learn the responsiblity of having a pet, but she seems to have caught on now and loves her rabbit Thumper very much. She is often asking to add another pet to our collection, but there is no room for more pets ... at least not indoors, and she doesn't like the idea of outdoor rabbits. She wanted to raise chicken and sell eggs, but the cost of building a proper home for them outweighed the savings that came with having them. She would love to get a finch, but there is no room indoors. For now she spends her time with Thumper and Muddy ... and we have promised an outdoor cat or two again (we had two, one got run over the other went wandering and never returned) someday ... we're thinking once Muddy is a bit more calm (will that every happen?). Yup, she loves animals.

But her love for animals does not mean she has a love for the outdoors, she is more like her mother that way. Usually found indoors and preferrably vegging with a book or sitting behind the computer. Computer time is limited and mom is always reminding her that she has to finish her work before she can sit down to read. Also like her mother is her love for photography. She loves to take pictures, especially of nature and recently has started figuring out how to "fix them up" on the computer. Marietta also enjoys making cards and if she had more printed pictures would probably spend more time scrapbooking. For now she is more into cardmaking, but this usually goes in spurts and she enjoys it much more if mom sits down and does it with her. When she does sit down and put her mind to it she can do a good job at it and I often leave the responsibility of making cards in her capable hands. Definitely not an outdoors girl, most of her hobbies and likes are indoor things.

Always so hard to believe how fast time flies by. I have such vivid memories of that day she was born and it hard to believe it was so long ago already. Don't even want to imagine what the next 10 will bring!


HH said...

Many congratulations Marietta with your 10th birthday. Wishing you God's blessings, love and care in the year ahead.
These greetings come all the way from Australia. Would you like to come visit sometime? That would be really cool wouldn't it?
Well looks like you had a lovely day and I love your birthday cake. You have a very clever Mum, don't you? Did you help make the cake?
Well...have lots of fun playing with your new gifts and maybe we can take a look at your room sometime with the new comforter :)
Love from the Heerema's xxxxx

amymom24 said...

Happy birthday, Marietta! My birthday is July 13 and I remember going mini-golfing often for my birthday party when I was young. Good memories!

Steph said...

To the Heerema

I would like to visit Australia someday.It would be lots of fun.
I did help my mom make my birthday cake.My mom is smart.She changed my birthday cake so it would look better.
Maybe I will see you guys some day

From Marietta