Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mareitta's 8th Birthday

I can’t believe it’s already been eight years since our first child was born … although if I listen to her talked I guess I’d start thinking, “is she only eight? … maybe it’s been ten, or twelve years??”:) Ah yes, our dear first-born, the mother-hen who knows-it-all! She is mature for her age though and overall a very responsible and mostly well-behaved child. In the past months we’ve seen her faithfulness for being helpful go downhill somewhat, replaced by a child who has to be constantly reminded of everything and always complaining that her life is so rough and unfair and that we expect waaaayyyy to much of her. We’re hoping this is a short faze as it’s a bit discouraging. What makes it more discouraging is the fact that Rebecca has also changed lately, become the more responsible and dependable child. Quick to do her chores without complaining, always there to take care of Matthew (she loves kids and is good with them), does things without asking. For almost eight years she had hard shoes to fill in order to keep up with her well-orderly, neat, helpful sister; but much to our surprise she’s come around drastically lately and I don’t miss her pouting, stomping, door-slamming fits that’s for sure.

Ah yes, but this was about Marietta’s birthday. Marietta received her birthday present already a month before her actual birthday. We manage to be a indoor pet-free home for over nine years (we did have an outdoor dog until we moved to the city), but I finally had to give in. We had always said that the kids could get pets when they were actually responsible enough to take care of the pet completely on their own. This way they could understand the work that comes with having a pet. I refuse to be the petcarer while they just play with the animal occasionally.

After much thought and reading Marietta decided she would like a dwarf rabbit. And so she began to hound me to look for a rabbit for her, as well as a cage … so very afraid that she would not actually have a rabbit by time her birthday rolled around. Well we found a rabbit, although you will have a hard time convincing me that it is a dwarf rabbit. Marietta fell in love with Thumper as soon as she saw her and wanted her (lesson learned – don’t take your child with to pick out the animal unless you’re sure it’s exactly what you want). She might be a cross-bred, but definitely not a true dwarf as she does not have the classical short ears or large head. Thumper is now 11 weeks and if she’s actually part dwarf she’s a good size dwarf. But dwarf or not Marietta loves her rabbit and is working hard to try make her litter-trained. This has been unsuccessful until the last few days where Marietta is quite excited that Thumper finally went in the litter box. I’ll be surprised if she ever becomes fully trained, even though it is claimed that rabbits are easily train (then why is it you hardly ever see trained rabbits?), but these past couple days has been uplifting for Marietta making her more dedicated to the process as she was become quite discourage, although still determined.

Since Marietta already received her present a month ago her birthday was rather quiet in the way of presents. This year she chose cupcakes for her birthday cake and wanted to decorate them herself and then arrange them to make a number 8. So I didn’t have to do any shopping as she already had her present, and all I had to do was quickly whip up some cupcakes and she did the rest … sort of made for an easy day, almost didn’t feel like a birthday.

Marietta wanted to go swimming and for a picnic on her birthday, so we did that late afternoon. We just went to Inch Park near our house. We had the entire pool to ourselves. The kids were quite thrilled about this but I was not all that impressed. Good thing my mom decided to come along, she was able to help with Matthew as the lifeguard, being oh-so-busy and all, were like hawks on the under 9 years of age must be “within arms reach” rule … and Matthew loved to kick his feet in the water but it was far to cold to submerge him. The water was cold and so the girls didn’t last all that long before they decided they were ready to play at the park and have their picnic. Marietta also developed a very sudden and bad headache and just wanted to go lay down for a bit (you know they’re not lying when it happened on their birthday). Some Advil and a short rest helped spruce her up again.

After our picnic we headed home for a family party. With Matthew’s birthday next week and him only being one and not caring much about birthdays or cake we decided to have a combined party. Unfortunately Matthew decided he was way too tired to last until everyone arrived and so I put him down for a “nap” until we were all ready. Matthew has never been one to wake all that pleasantly if woken from his sleep and most certainly not at night when he’s ready for a good long sleep. Needless to say he was even less impressed with the cake and present thing then the average 1-year old and was quickly back in his cozy bed.

All and all Marietta had a nice day and was thoroughly excited that she received a total of $35 cash for her birthday. Her wish had been for money to help her take care of her bunny and she was quite concerned on how she was going to be able to keep paying for everything long-term. This relieved some of her anxieties as it will tie her over for a bit, by the time the money runs out we will be able to tell how dedicated she is to her rabbit to better determine how to assist her with the responsibilities. (How does an eight year old make money?)

Marietta was kind enough to spare a few cupcakes so we could have a #1 for Matthew as well and even kinder in that she allowed Rebecca to decorate these ones.
This is the intelligent look you get when you drag a one year old out of bed to sing happy birthday to him over a cake that he's not even allowed to eat due to "allergies"

Matthew did perk up a little bit to open his present, but his perkiness quickly died and he was wisked off to bed.
And thanks Val for the entertaining chair act!! :)

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Kevin and Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Marietta! I've already said it in person, but I thought I'd leave you a message here, too:) We pray that God will bless you and keep you in the coming year!