Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ontario Place

In July we had a chance to go to Ontario Place. We received free tickets through the school. When the school went it rained and so they got a bunch of tickets which they gave away on a first come first serve basis. The kids were extremely excited about this and we have a wonderful day.

Marietta had already been to Ontario Place for her school trip in Grade 3. That trip had been a disappointing trip for her as the only thing they did was go on the log ride and spend the rest of the day at the waterpark. I still remember seeing her get off the bus after their trip there and seeing her disappointed and almost angry face. While the waterpark was fun she would have liked to see more of the actual park. Well we made up for it this time and they got a chance to see almost everything.

The morning was really hot, but we decided to first see part of the park before we hit the waterpark. In the end we should have gone in the morning as it clouded over and cooled off in the afternoon. It was still nice enough for the waterslides but it was very cold for the splash pad since the water at it was ice cold!! Poor Matthew! He was having so much fun, running and bouncing and thoroughly enjoying himself while he shivered like crazy and was ice cold. But he wasn't going to let the cold get the better of him. While Matthew played at the splashpad area Rob took the girls to the waterslides.

The Atom Blaster Room. This was a big room full of soft, multi-coloured foam balls, ball canons,volcanoes, and blowers. There were huge tipping baskets and ball fountains. The kids (and Rob) had lots of fun trying to shoot each other. When we first go there it wasn't too busy, but after a bit daycare service after daycare service started to pour in and it got crazy, so we carried on to the next thing.

Matthew loading a canon

The Log Ride. There were few things that were the same about Ontario Place from when I was little ... but this was one of them. The line was short while we were at that end of the park so we went on it several times in a row. I think the kids had a hard time deciding whether they liked it or not because of the sudden drop at the end of the ride.

Driving School (in the background you can see some of the fun slides they could go on).

Rebecca on the bumper boats

The girls really liked the FreeFall.

Ferris Wheel

And then there was Matthew. He just seen the pictures and said "And I went on the 4-wheeler, and I had a ride, and I went bump ... I went bump like that (as he sort of jumps around). I like going there, I like going there mommy. That was fun (jumping up and down)." You would never guess that he didn't like most of the rides. He is not a rides person and is quite scared of them.

This is as far as Matthew made it on the 4-wheeler. He banged into the "wall" and couldn't get going again, which made him scared and Rob had to go rescue him and after that he wanted nothing to do with driving the cars.

I think his face says it all on this one ... poor guy thought the ride was done when it slowed down, only to have to go through it again, this time backwards.

This was Matthew's style. There was a buiding that was set up for little kids to play in with some slides and ride on toys, colour stuff and tables with tons of different toys to play with.

But never mind the tables of toys ... Matthew loved this digger and would have been quite content to spend all day on it ... or at least half the day ...

...the other half he would have spent on the slide.

He loved this "ride" ... too bad my knees didn't like the walk up to the top. Needless to say between Rob and I he got more then enough changes to go down the slide.

We seen the afternoon show at the Cinesphere. For anyone who has been to the Cinesphere you know how loud it is ... far too loud for my liking! So you can guess how tired Matthew was when he actually slept through the whole thing. It was perfect. He got a nice little nap in and was ready to go again after the show.
We had beautiful weather and a great time together as family.
I think the following says enough about how whipped the kids were at the end of the day:
The ride home


L.V. said...

Looked like fun Steph - even for adults! Maybe next year we'll make our way down there...

HH said...

How cool would that be? I'd love to have something like that here. I don't know of any place close to where I am that has anything like that. Wow!

amymom24 said...

What a fun day! Looking forward to doing day trips like that someday:)