Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The first week of January we finally had enough snow to go sledding ... and the best part is that all we have to do is walk to the back field and we got lots of hills to chose from ... as the pictures in the previous post show. We're not sure how good some of those other hills are, it's possible the blowing of the snow made them look better then they are, but for the kids it will keep them busy and happy. I love it that we don't have to make a special trip just to go sledding. No more loading sleds up into the van and trying to work around naps. The kids can just tromp on out there on their own. ... although it's always nice when mom and dad come with them (a comment I overheard one of the girls saying with great excitement when we did go out one afternoon).

The hill we decided was the best to sled on does actually end up on the creek ... so it may not always be an option for the kids, but on this fine day we had a lovely time wearing it in.

Although we have not had a lot of snow this winter we have had mostly cold weather ... a great winter for skating. I had originally stated that I would not let the kids skate on the creek since it is flowing water ... but after seeing how thick the ice is and checking it out myself I guess I'll give in ... as long as I'm confident it's been good and cold long enough to be safe.

The creek was originally flooded during the first freezing of the year. Here Marietta is checking out what happens when the water goes down after a good freezing. The kids thought it was quite amazing how such thick ice could just crack and leave a ledge at the bottom of the hill. Matthew had lots of fun digging under the ice.

Sledding Fun

And then Rebecca discovered something even more fun and challenging then just plain old sledding (see Matthew sitting at the bottom of the hill by the cracked ice)

Rebecca heading downhill ..... uh oh starting to wipe out

Wipe Out!!! But ... hanging on to finish the run in sitting position :)

Marietta didn't have as much luck on finishing her trip downhill as "gracefully" as Rebecca

Now if only we could have some more snow that would stick around long enough for the kids to get out and enjoy the hills a bit more often.

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HH said...

I'm jealous, totally. That white stuff fascinates me and I wanna just touch it and smell it and slide on it :) Fun, fun, fun.