Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our New Home

So I'm already failing on my one-post-per-day-to-catchup idea. And tonight I'm going to be lazy and just post pictures of our new house as right about now I really much rather be in bed then sitting here.

So here you have our new place. These pictures were taken before we moved in ... hence the green grass and leaves on the trees. I think the thing to note the most on these pictures is how much of that green grass you can see around the house!! Our nice spacious yard ... surrounded by farmers fields.


Joyce said...

And the inside pictures - they didnt load up ..... (hehehehe )

Steph said...

yes, trouble with uploading :) I got some error message saying "cannot upload until house has been tidied and cleaned" :)

they will come... just gotta be patient :)

Carmen said...

Looks great. Has that green turned white now? We've gotten enough for the kids to play in and it sure helps to keep them happily occupied.

Steph said...

Unfortunately the green is only speckled with white. We did have a nice white coating, not alot, but the kids still enjoyed it (cept it was too cold to stay out long) ... but then true country style the wind came along and blew it all off to the ditches, hills and trees.

Sure wish we would get more as they always have so much fun playing in it.