Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moving Out Day

Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I think that describes it best.

Let's just say moving day ... or moving week should I say ... did not go all so smoothly and nicely. No worries, there weren't any major upsets or issues ... I just wasn't totally prepared by time the movers came to pack the truck. Not sure if you would call that a major or a minor upset :) I guess you can be thankful that our memories fade with time and that I didn't write this update right away or I'm sure you would have gotten a lot more details or complaining.

As is usual, when something doesn't go quite as planned one must have an excuse or reason for this. I think my excuse is basically lack of time. At the beginning of October Rob qualified for benefits through his work and so I began to do physiotherapy (for neck and shoulder pains as well as chronic headaches). This involved 1 to 1.5 hour appointments twice a week. I knew that it would take a bit of my time at first but I wanted to get that out of the way before we moved so that by time we moved I would be down to once a week or once every other week.

True Steph style (yup, that Wacko-Steph Syndrome kicked in again) things didn't quite go as planned. The few hours a week it took to go to physio and get a babysitter each time wasn't too bad especially considering my appointments were only two minutes from my house, but I didn't factor in the full effect of these appointments. I did realize that it would take some work at home, altho I didn't realize it would take quite so much (20 minutes three times a day, plus I would walk for 30 minutes each day ... altho I let that drop once I started running out of time). Even the 40-80 minutes a day spent on stretches/exercice isn't all that bad if you think of the benefits one should get from them ... but of course for me it didn't quite go that way. I found myself increasingly feeling worse. By noon hour each day my neck felt so weak, tired and sore that it couldn't hold up my head anymore. My head hurt and the only solution was to rest ... something I really didn't have time for. I trudged on convincing myself that my body just had to get used to the adjustments (we were working on correcting my posture). So in the end lets just say that several hours each week for appointments, several hours each week for stretches/excercises, several hours each week for naps/rests began to add up to a lot of hours that packing wasn't getting done.

By time I realize that I was falling seriously behind where I should be it was basically too late ... for the last week it was very late nights and no naps (I am slowly coming to accept that naps are part of my life ... for the sake of my family I need to rest each day or my head will be no good by the end of the day) ... feeling miserable and tired it seemed like nothing was getting done as there was always other things popping up that had to be tackled. I kept telling myself "don't worry, it will get done" and "as long as I stay healthy till Saturday all will be good" (there were some nasty flus and colds flying around at that time).

Well Friday morning dawned but Steph hardly did ... any other day I would have stayed in bed all day for I was sick. I don't even remember the symptoms, I just remember being exhausted and having a rotten and nasty cold ... the kind that wipes you out and makes you feel awful. But the boxes had to be packed and so off to work I went. It was 5pm by time we began to pack the kitchen up ... I seriously under estimated the amount of time this would take to pack up this room and it was not until 10pm that the kitchen was all in boxes (except the one cupboard we missed).

Pizza arrived somewhere in there, giving the guys a chance to sit sit and relax while we scurried along to try get ahead of them on some of the boxes.

Most of the guys left sometime around or after midnight. By that time all the large stuff was packed and it was becoming rather apparent that we weren't going to be getting everything done that night.

The girls had Thursday and Friday off of school that week and so they had spent those days enjoying some last-minute time with friends. On Thursday Rebecca spent the day at her best friends, Meaghan's house. She returned home after supper and then Grandpa and Grandma came and picked up her and Matthew and took them to their house for a sleep over. Marietta had a sleepover at a friends, Francine, from Wednesday night to Thursday and returned home Thursday evening. On Friday she went off to another friends, Jessica, for the day and returned home in the evening while we were packing up.

Marietta had fun hanging out and watching the activity for the evening. She also wandered around taking some pictures since her mother was far to busy to bother with that. By 11:30 she was getting quite tired and so we managed to find her a room that was completely empty. She curled up with a pillow and was fast asleep in no time.

Once our helpers left Rob, my mom (who had helped me all day) and I continued on for a bit.

But finally by 12:30 my mom and I we were done. We woke up Marietta, packed her and her bunny up in my mom's car and sent them off . Rob was determined that we would make it to the new place that night yet ... I was determined that I could not go on without sleep. So I took over Marietta's spot on the floor while Rob continued to get the outdoor things.

After an hour nap Rob woke me at 2am so I could get the last minute things prepared (the fishies) and we finally headed out a 2:30am. We arrived at the new place, unloaded our mattress and crashed at 3:45am.

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amymom24 said...

Oh dear... that sounds so awful! I'm glad you survived...