Monday, October 5, 2009

Tews and Webster Fall's

Before heading back to school we went off to visit some waterfalls ... something we didn't do enough of this year - between school, work and being gone most of the summer it just didn't happen. The kids always love going to waterfalls and enjoying hikes that involve water. We'd really like to tackle see more of the falls around Hamilton as there are about 100 of them and so we made up a book to leave in the van so when we do feel like going for a walk we can actually figure out where to go (often these places are a bit harder to find and we never seem to be able to find them when we want to ... now we're prepared ... now that we're moving:)

We have actually been to Websters Falls already but had not seen Tews Falls and thought we would cross this one off oru list this time. What we did not read carefully in our handy dandy notes was that to get to the bottom of it was a bit of a hike from the outskirts of Dundas. In the end this turned out a good thing as we ended up heading home because it was getting a bit late and Rebecca really wasn't feeling well.

So we could only see Tews from the top and decided to go and check out the Baby Websters Falls and Websters Fall again as they're at the same area. This time we took a walk down the river/creek that the water from Websters Falls follows giving the kids a chance to climb, hike and get wet.

Tews Falls and Websters Falls

The girls tried to walk on the log, but their bravery ended pretty quickly and the resorted to crawling. You can see Websters Falls in the background of the first picture.

Marietta is our climber. She loves the challenge of climbing and getting to the water falls itself. Since Rebecca suddenly began to not feel well she was quite upset when we told her she'd have to wait for another time to get a chance to climb right under Websters Falls. Instead she had to resort to getting wet under some of the rock further from the bottom of the falls.

Matthew stays on Rob's back in the backpack for our walks. Usually he is quite content in there, although near the end of this walk he was asking to come down. We know that once we let him out it's a battle to get him back in and keep him content, but once we were heading back to the van we let him run and his little legs went full speed with joy ... he had no trouble keeping up and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom.

We were afraid that Rebecca's sickness was due to her being anxious about school ... but later that night she threw up all over, the next day having fevers and so we knew that it was actually a flu, which she probably caught from Matthew. She was devasted to miss the first day of school. In the morning she had a fever so she wasn't feeling well enough to care, but once the ibprophen kicked in and she was feeling a bit better she cried and whined to go to school. Mean mom would not allow her. The next morning she was half dressed and came to say she didn't feel well, she crawled back into bed without further comment and fell asleep for about two hours. She woke up bright and perky and feeling well so I let her go to school and she was fine from then on. Marietta was sick several days later, Rob and I ended up with a lesser version (probably how Matthew felt) shortly after.

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