Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finishing off the Summer - Just Odds and Ends

K ... few leftover odds and ends pictures and then I'm taking a break for a bit. They say silence is golden ... I'm taking that approach for the next little bit because I'm doubting there will be a whole lot of time for the computer once we start packing those boxes ... which will probably be in the next day or so.

Since Rob works mostly in the shop at his job he doesn't actually take the truck home very often. Every now and then he drives for a week or so to fill in while someones on holidays or something of that assort. Rebecca would ask quite often during the summer where daddy was working, she always wanted to know if he was driving truck and if he would be bringing the truck home. The kids always love it when he bring it home and cleans it ... they help ... or just hang out and play. Matthew also got his first chance in the truck this summer - he was quite thrilled

The girls obsession with the Sound of Music continues. Ever since they seen the movie they listen to the music constantly and are constantly making coreography to go with it. Every time they have a friend or friends over they put them in their coreograhpy and away they go with the music again ... I'm sure there has not been a friend over in the last couple months that hasn't done some sort of performance for us.

Rob's family had their annual summer get-together at Pete and Ingrid's this year. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to have a productive and good day.

Playing games: Twister and Bocce Ball

Matthew and Evan remained quite fascinated by the frogs (or was it toads, I don't remember) in trapped by the basement windows. They spent a lot of time bending over and watching them. They would wander off to play for a bit and then be back to check out what the frogs were doing

The neices and nephews enjoying supper

We don't get together often, so it's alwasy nice to have these days to catch up and see how much our kids have grown and changed and where we're at in life now.

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