Sunday, October 4, 2009

Byng Island

Wow, I can't believe how the month of September has flown by. Agghhhh ... here it is October and I'm still working on summer updates. At least once I'm done those there will be no more to say as really besides are recent news (last post) there's not much else to write about. September started off crazy busy with lots of canning and freezing - peaches, pears, tomatoes, salso, zucchini, celery, etc - and it just didn't seem to slow down. Of course the idea of moving took time and evaluation as we had to work through a few things before we came to a decision ... and now we'll be packing soon ... agghhh, hate packing!!

So now I must finish off my summer updates ... I had started these, way back when, but just never got around to finishing them up and posting them.

After our trip to Toronto we picked up Matthew, got a good nights sleep and took off the next morning to spend the day at Byng Island. All summer the girls had been asking to go to Byng and we had promised them we'd do an overnight camping trip there. By time the end of the summer rolled around we still hadn't gone and really had no desire to do the camping thing anymore. Thankfully the kids had had their fill of campfires and misquito bites already, so they were quite good with the idea of just making it a day trip.

What's the appeal to Byng? I think it was partly because of childhood memories and home videos. We used to camp at Byng when we lived in Chatham, while we camped we would receive lots of visitors from the area and enjoying catching up without having to move from one persons house to the next. It was always a good time and I think the kids remember all that socializing and fun. The park itself is not really all that great ... okay, it's nothing much at all, but I always loved the pool and so did the kids. The pool is designed like a lake with a gradual entrance and sprinklers at the shallow end. I love the lake effect without the sand, seeing as I hate sand (although I will admit that sand it great for entertaining kids). I also like how the little ones can play in the sprinkler and wade in the pool without always having to be held because of the depth. The big appeal for the girls was the diving board. Our last time at Byng was four years ago and at that age they were far too young to be going off the diving board. This year they wanted to take the challenge of jumping from that height as well as swimming back to the edge ... and they did quite well.

We had a nice day together as family ... although Matthew was quite miserable and out of sorts. We thought it was just because he'd been gone for a few days and was out of routine, but the next day he had fevers so I'm thinking he was not feeling well.

At the park - jumping from the swings

One, Two, Three, GO ... Matthew so intent on counting he forgot to actually go

You're going to have to enlarge these to actually see the kids ... left is Marietta, right is Rebecca


Matthew in the sprinklers

Supper fun ... eating as fast as possible to avoid the yellowjacket wasps (a slight over population of them this summer, making it near impossible to eat outside at times)


We had a nice day out in the sun and all slept well at night.

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