Friday, July 10, 2009

Can We Go To The Park Today?

Okay, so you know you're kids are city-slickers when this is the first question out of their mouth on the first morning they wake up at their "new country home".

Many time we drive by this park/school on our way to Grandpa and Grandma's and so the kids have been eying it as a place to hang out during the summer. Well it took a bit to get through to them that country kids don't go to the park ... they just go outside and play in their "yard".

But after a couple days I gave in. On a trip back from town we stopped in to play at the "park" (it's actually a school playground). I must say it was a really nice playground. We didn't stay long but the kids loved it and I'm sure we will be back again before we leave to have a longer play. The best thing is that in the country kids don't go to the park ... they just go outside to play in their "yard" ... so that means there is never anyone else at the playground. Everytime we drive by it's empty.

The reason for this lovely playground is heartbreaking. The playground was erected in memory of the Woerlen family, where the mother and seven children died in a fire. I knew the park was put up as a memorial, but as I read the marker it left this awful feeling. I know what it's like to suffer through loss ... but I cannot even begin to fathom what it would be like to lose your whole family in one day. They definitely did a beautiful job on the playground

Marietta loved this play structure

Becca loves to play and climb, but her favourite spot is usually the swings. I wish we had room in our yard for a swing .... guess we better find a try to put on in for this summer.

No ... there wasn't a splash pad!! Matthew is absolutely loving the country ... for with rain comes ... puddles!!!! I think he spent more time in the puddle then on the play structures.

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