Monday, May 4, 2009

Class Trips

The girls each went on class trips recently and I was able to go with each of them. I enjoy these trips as it gives me a glimpse into school life ... even if it's not a regular class setting. It's fun when the kids are still at an age where they are excited to have their mom along :)

Marietta's class went for a trip to Dundurn Castle. I have been to Dundurn Castle before, but there was still lots to see and learn. I've always had a great fascination with the pioneer times so I find these type of places very interesting. The kids were able to make some yummy cookies while they were there and after their tour they played a game that challenged them to see how much they listened while on their tour.

Playing the game at the end of the trip

A quick picture in front of the castle ... in the rain.

Rebecca's class went for a trip to the fire station. We walked to the station (in the rain ... extra thrill for 31 grade 1ers to walk with their umbrella's), watched a video about fire safety, listened to the kids ask all kinds of cute, funny and some well thought out questions, and then had a tour of one of the trucks.

Rebecca as driver and back seat passenger

Learning about all the different items in/on the truck.

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