Monday, April 27, 2009

So Far, So Good!!

One week into our wheat trial and all seems good thus far ... yahhh!!! I'm so excited. We are still only giving him one serving of wheat every third day (so three trials thus far), but this seems to be tolerated fine so shortly we will be bumping it up to every other day.

We did have a couple down days where he was more cranky and clingy and went back to his morning naps (if he's real miserable I usually try put him to bed in the morning because he's just driving me insane). But after two miserable days a cold/cough set in. Since he was still getting over the last cold/runny nose I may not have noticed this new cold set in the first couple days, but after two miserable days he began a nice barky cough. So hopefully that is the cause of his down days and all is still good.

Regardless he did not react with any obvious symptoms of the bowel system, so things look pretty good. This means we no longer have to be so particular and panic if he picks up something with wheat in it. We can now allow him to eat things that have wheat further down the ingredients list and hopefully in due time he can eat wheat regularly. For now I just have to be patient and not rush the wheat trials as fructans is still a big concern.

Peek-A-Boo. I took out the camera to take a picture of Matthew and he immediately had to ham it up and began to play peek-a-boo. The reason I wanted to take a picture of him was because how he looked reminded me of his dear brother, James. He had bright red cheeks and sticky sweaty hair that was a mess and sticking out here and there. Thankfully Matthew does not look sick here as was the case when James would looked like this -the picture below is an extreme as he had just gotten out of ICU there, so that's several days of unwashed hair. The picture of Matthew ended up not really showing his red cheeks or sticky hair all that well ... instead it shows a happy little guy having fun ... but I'll still remember why I took the picture.


Anonymous said...

Steph: Just catching up with your blog over here. Glad you're figuring out the eating problems!!

And... we wish you all much peace as Rob takes a break from the studies to help out Ike... that's a huge adjustment!! I'm sure that wasn't an easy decision to make - strength!!


amymom24 said...

The boys do look so much alike:)

Glad the trial is going well. Must be such a relief!