Monday, May 4, 2009

Good-bye Wheat :(

I'm so sad to have to say NO to wheat for Matthew again. I'm not sure for how long, but for the time being it's back out of the diet.

I guess I was wrong about Matthew's miserableness being from a cold. He had two days of a bit more runny nose and cough and then it disappeared as quick as it came with no further issues. Maybe it was just some extra phlegm from the cold he was already fighting, otherwise it was one super fast and mild cold.

But the miserable boy continued through last week and then he stopped eating again. Wow I quickly realized how one gets used to a child who just sits and eats on his own, all by himself with no coaxing ... it was kind of nice to actually get to eat my meals warm for a bit. We are back to the bribing game ... hold up a piece of fruit until he takes a bite of his main meal. Even this has not always been successful. He is back to wanting bottles all the time and wanting to watch TV all the time ... two things that always come with his miserable stages.

I told myself not to get too excited that the good times probably wouldn't last ... but again I'm disappointed. Thankfully he seems to be picking up a bit where at least the bribing game is now working more often. I'm also thankful for the warmer weather as the great-outdoors also helps to keep him busy and make him happy for a bit.

Do the wheat and the downhill trend go together? No idea ... we're hoping not, but since we dont know we have to take the wheat back out again. If the wheat is the problem this means he should start to pick up and act better with it out of his diet ... so we should be seeing improvement by now. The last few days have been busy so it's hard to tell how he's doing as he enjoys being busy and going out and when we're home we're not sure if it's just overtiredness/lack of routine that throws him off and makes him a bit more cranky. Regardless the eating has not really picked up.

So now we wait for the happy boy to reappear and then try the wheat again. I remain optimistic that he will be able to handle it as he had no obvious/immediate reactions when he did eat it. Unfortunately behavioural and depression issues are side effects of Fructose Malabsorption, so we have to bear this in mind even though there were no obvious GI issues from the wheat. We'll just slowly keep at it

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amymom24 said...

*sigh* Praying for strength and health!