Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Day

On December 19 the kids had there first snow day of the school year 2008/2009 and their last snow day of the year 2008.

The kids were thrilled and disappointed when their last school day for 2008 was cancelled. With the threat of a major storm about to hit the area the next day the school sent a note home already on Thursday letting us know that school was cancelled for the following day and we would be informed in the morning if there would go ahead with the Christmas Program or postpone it. Although the kids were glad to have a day off school they weren’t so excited about the idea of waiting for the Christmas Program.

I woke at in the middle of the night with Matthew and there was no snow, at 7:30 I again had a peek and still nothing … we slept in and by time we woke up there was snow … and it kept coming. It was blowing and swirling and then in the afternoon the winds really picked up. The girls got a bit of the concept of what they mean by a blizzard in the Little House on the Prairie books.

It was kind of neat to not only have Rob home but to have him out of the books. We had a nice relaxing cozy day together at home … you know, one of those days where you curl up in front of the fireplace sipping a cup of hot chocolate and reading a good book. Okay, it wasn’t quite that laid back, instead we curled up with our lunch, a cup of hot tea and a watched a video. We took some time out to watch one of the DVD’s of Little House on the Prairie that the girls got from Santa. After they ate their lunch the girls wanted rollers in their hair. Originally they wanted it for their Christmas Program, then they thought it would be neat to just try it out regardless since I wasn’t so sure I could do much with their short hair. We were sucessful in making curls and it even stayed in for four days … won't say it looked the greatest by day four, but at least the effort paid off. So this is suppose to be about a snow day, but since I didn’t actually make it outside to take any pictures I guess hair pictures will have to do.

Here's a picture of Matthew outside the following day while the girls were playing and Rob was fixing the snowblower (yet again). This is the first time he has ever really been out in snow to play. I'm not sure how much he played and one look at the pictures says he wasn't all too happy ... but that could be because his hat was too small and rather annoying to see anything out of it ... it has now been packed away and we'll try something a bit bigger next time :)

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